The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

The Sage

The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

The Sage

The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

The Sage

Swimmers practice their freestyle stroke. They are getting ready for an upcoming meet.

Students Have High Hopes Going Into the 2023 Swim Season

Lola Carson, Staff Reporter Mar 24, 2023

Swimming is a team or individual racing sport that uses the whole body. It’s a great all-around way to build fitness but keeps the impact stress off swimmers' bodies. There are multiple events, including...

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Members of the Sage Creek varsity girls soccer team huddle before their game against West High School. This year’s team had an overall record of 13-5-3 and qualified for the CIF playoffs.

Looking Back And Looking Forward: Girls Soccer

“Winning back-to-back CIF championships was a huge accomplishment because it’s never been before."
Nick Cepek, Sports Editor Mar 25, 2022

In back-to-back years, the varsity girls soccer team has taken home a CIF division title. This season, the Bobcats dominated the Avocado East division with a record of 7-0-1, earning them a spot in the...

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The team poses for a photo at the end of the game after a win. The team had a 533 point differential this season.

JV Girls Basketball in their Final Game of the Season

Nadia Razzaq, News & Feature Editor Feb 15, 2022

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Senior, Vishal Jayanthi walks past his teammates after being subbed out. The boys fought hard in Fridays game with the support of many students and parents watching in the stands.

Fire and Ice Boys Basketball Game

Cooper Hancock, Assistant Web-Editor in Chief Nov 30, 2021

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Coach Madison McLean poses in the Bobcat Arena following a practice with her team. Mclean, a mathematics teacher took the role of Varsity girls soccer coach in 2021 propelling a team to a league championship and a CIF.

Madison McLean’s Lasting Impact On The Girls Varsity Soccer Team

Julianna Miracco, Staff Writer Oct 5, 2021

During the winter season, a teacher at Sage Creek ends her day of educating students on mathematics and starts her afternoon as a coach for the girl's varsity soccer team. Madison McLean, who is...

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Madsen leans against the fence at Rancho Buena Vista High School observing the Sage Creek JV team at a preseason game. Sage Creek played several teams in “Winter Ball” to prepare for the regular season of Divison 1 baseball.

“We’re Just A Bunch of Bros”

Coach Ryan Madsen's role in another CIF Championship
Cooper Hancock, Staff Reporter Feb 11, 2020

As the sun rises on another sunny day in Carlsbad, Ryan Madsen can be seen either mowing the outfield grass, raking the infield dirt, or spraying water with a large hose around home plate. Madsen devotes...

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The Sage: October 23, 2019

Madeline Mack and Ella Paustenbaugh Oct 23, 2019

Broadcast from October 23, 2019 Anchors: Madeline Mack & Ella Paustenbaugh Sports Anchor: Gavin Townsend Edited by: Christopher Kathman Intro & Graphics by: BenzRussel Lopez & Leo...

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Wrestling CIF 2019 Recap

Madisyn Goerlitz and Cooper Hancock Mar 6, 2019

Wrestling concluded with Cole Kirby taking second at CIF and moving onto Masters.

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Head coach Brandon Dowdy is telling the game plan for the next quarter. The Bobcats took a huge scoring drive prior to the time out.

Triumph For Bobcats After Huge Scoring Period

Bryant Kitisin and Summer Fitzgerald Feb 16, 2019

“Wet” That’s what Senior Braden Brasher said. Though it was not a comment on the rainy weather that Carlsbad has been experiencing lately; rather a description on Dalton Miller’s performance...

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