Student Artwork for Sale

Skylar Hughes

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Student Artwork for Sale

As the art program creeps towards maximum capacity and supplies run out at a rapid pace, art teachers are searching for alternative ways to raise money. As a result, the Sage Creek Arts program has recently launched its own line of merchandise, showcasing student art as means of raising funds for the program.

Art teachers Ms. Burroughs and Mrs. Herrick knew they had access to a multitude of artistic talent, but wanted a way to showcase students’ art while also benefiting the program. After Burroughs and Herrick pitched their idea to sell student artwork to the students, seniors Adam Chatfield and Jeffrey Orellana volunteered to create the website, while many other students eagerly offered up their artwork to be sold.  

“Mrs. Burroughs and Mrs. Herrick decided to pick the best art pieces out of all the photography and art classes, and put them on the website,” junior Taylor Carney said.

There is a wide variety of products for sale, from mugs to t-shirts, ranging from $5 dollars to $50 dollars. Herrick hopes the word will spread even more, and has plans to add a new batch of artwork to the site in the upcoming weeks.

“It’s the parents and grandparents who are most excited about this, because it’s so special to see your child’s art be showcased on products like this, so that’s why I think this fundraiser has so much potential,” Mrs. Herrick said.

The website features a variety of different art styles, including photos, drawings, and paintings.

“My drawing is from our surrealist project, and it started as my doodling but then it turned into something bigger,” Carney said. “I haven’t bought anything yet, but I want to because it’ll be cool to see my work on something bigger,”  she added.

The entirety of the proceeds will go towards supplies and for planning bigger fundraising and community events.

“I’m just happy I get the chance to use my artwork to help a program that I have enjoyed so much,” senior Torrey Chandran expressed.

If you are interested in buying some of their one-of-a-kind products, you can find them here: