Senior Class Privileges

Senior Class Privileges

Students and staff from Sage Creek’s first graduating class are excited about sharing their opinions and ideas for what privileges and events the seniors will get to participate in.

Senior Class President, Fabi Sanchez, and ASB President Claire Karaffa have many ideas for what this special year might look like for the senior class. Sanchez has high hopes for the year and a big heart for making memories and traditions. “I am going to make sure that this year is truly unique and legendary,” Sanchez said.

In order to make the senior class stand out and feel special, there are many different activities as well as advantages that students are hoping for. They have been talked about in the past, but now that the final year is here, it is time to put the ideas into action. “We have this really cool event where we have been talking to Ice Town and they’ve agreed to have a fundraiser and senior event there,” Sanchez discussed.

Other things like prom, senior parking, and grad night are already in the works as well. The senior class president also gave a little teaser by secretly informing that they are “working on a bunch of other stuff that [she] can’t [talk about] about right now.” However, Sanchez did exclaim that she is super excited about” what’s to come!

Although Sanchez does have a lot of control over the plans for senior year, ASB president Claire Karaffa also has some say in the planning. “I have a good say on what events we put on and all the fundraisers must be approved through me,” Karaffa said.

With multiple people on the job, it allows for more diverse planning and hopefully class-wide satisfaction as far as what the seniors want and what events will be put on before the year is over. “I rely a lot on my team. We get together and talk and decide what we think can be really cool for seniors and what can make this year really special and really memorable,” Sanchez said.