The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

The Sage

The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

The Sage

The Sage Publication is the student news site of Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA

The Sage

Various titles from 2023 form together in the shape of a television to represent the collection of vast genres. 2023 was a remarkable year for the gaming industry, having something special for gamers of all kinds.

Top Selling Games of 2023

Holden Kopman and Austin Jew Feb 1, 2024

2023 was yet another successful year in the gaming world, packed with few original titles and a list of sequels. Not only did the year hold numerous contenders for award winners but also many high-quality...

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A game avatar is hidden behind several video game / fictional symbols, including a gas mask, sheriff’s hat, a lightsaber and a bowtie. Popular franchises like Fallout, Red Dead Redemption and Five Nights At Freddy’s house several iconic outfits in video games.

Role-Playing Games Play an Ever-Increasing Role In The Evolution of Gaming

“I Am Batman!” “My name is Hanzo Hasashi,” “It’s A-Me, Mario;” or are you?
Holden Kopman, Entertainment Editor Dec 20, 2023

Since its introduction in 1889, the entertainment industry has continued to grow and has produced countless fictional characters for audiences to grow attachments to or form connections between; from the...

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A collage of various different rhythm games lists from left to right “Muse Dash,” “Dance Dance Revolution,” “Bang Dream! Girls Band Party,” “Osu! Laser,” “Taiko no Tatsujin” and “Rhythm Heaven Fever.” Rhythm games have been around since 1996 and see some popularity in certain parts of the video game community.

A Niche Genre Revolutionizes the Video Game Industry

Austin Jew, Co-Broadcast EIC Jun 5, 2023

The video game industry is a crucial part of the entertainment economy with an estimated $97.67 billion accumulated in 2022 nationally. The music and rhythm game category, however, have been viewed as...

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The “Hogwarts Legacy” promotional poster portrays an unidentified wizard/witch standing atop a cliff and looking over the vast landscape the game has to offer. It is likely spring or summertime with the flourishing greenery surrounding the school.

“Hogwarts Legacy” Takes A Deep Descendo Into The Wizarding World

Holden Kopman, Staff Reporter Feb 24, 2023

After four and a half years of development and the formation of an extremely eager fan base, “Hogwarts Legacy” by Avalanche Studios and Portkey Games was released on Feb. 10 (Feb. 7 for early accessors)...

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A student holds a controller whilst enjoying his favorite video game. Video games have become a getaway for many kids after long days, likely the reason for its growing success.

The Sage Recaps: The Top 10 Selling Video Games of 2022

Holden Kopman and Austin Jew Jan 26, 2023

2022 was a year of vast success in the video game industry and also managed to reintroduce many beloved franchises that have not seen great recognition in years, while others continue to impress fans....

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The hosts on stage at the Game Awards present the Best Action Game award. The Game Awards first began in 2014 and continues to have events on a yearly basis.

Kid Interrupts 2022 Game Awards: What Exactly Happened?

Austin Jew, Co-Broadcast Editor-in-Chief Jan 24, 2023

For the people who watched the Annual Game Awards 2022, the only thing on their minds was the ending remarks for the event.This moment went viral as soon as it happened; after the “Elden Ring” developers...

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The four knights (left to right: Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing and Robin) huddle around butler/mentor Alfred Pennyworth. Without the presence of Batman, Alfred must take the responsibility of guiding the knights through difficult decisions.

The Sage Reviews: “Gotham Knights”

Holden Kopman, Staff Reporter Dec 2, 2022

WB Montreal’s “Gotham Knights” hit Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5 and PC on Oct. 21. With the death of their past mentor Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl and Robin (Tim Drake)...

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A player prepares for a final boss fight, where he and his friends will defeat a monster to complete the room. The party explored a labyrinth and fought a plethora of creatures.

Escape to VR Innovates Escape Rooms with a New Concept

Escape rooms have always been a staple in horror, mystery and other brain games. Children and adults enjoy them for the challenges and escapism they provide. One of the only drawbacks of escape rooms is that they are confined by realistic limits. But with virtual reality (VR), the escape room is given a whole new depth and fantastical feeling.
Sam Carroll, Staff Reporter Oct 24, 2022

Escape to VR, a Carlsbad VR game room, has exploited technology’s advancements and brought escape rooms to a new standard. Their challenges include dragon shooter games, horror, mystery, space and much...

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A player has all lives and a trophy on the line while playing a video game. Some games elaborate upon previous versions while others reinvent the concept of video games altogether.

The Sage Reviews: Top Five Video Games Being Released This Year

Seth Fletcher, Staff Reporter Sep 22, 2022

As the new school year has begun, a new season for gaming has also started. Here are the top five upcoming video games to play this year.  "Splatoon 3" "Splatoon 3" is the third installment in one...

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Some of the many great games to come from the 21st century.

Five ‘Game Changing’ Videogames of the 21st Century

Holden Kopman, Staff Reporter Mar 31, 2022

Whether having new gameplay mechanics, advanced graphics or any new features, within the past two decades video games as a whole have improved drastically. Starting off as pixelated arcade games in the...

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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes: Are They Worth Buying?

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes: Are They Worth Buying?

Grace Cowart, Staff Reporter Oct 8, 2021

"Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl", remakes of the original 2009 video game Pokémon "Diamond and Pearl", are set to release on November 19, 2021. For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Pokémon...

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On November 12, the new Sony gaming console, the Playstation 5, was released. Upon the release of the console, Sony announced the new features of the PS5 such as faster loading times, 3D audio tech, a 4K Blu-ray player and backwards compatibility with PS4 games.

The Playstation 5 Scandal: Despair In The Digital Waiting Room

Isabella Bernabeo, Staff Reporter Dec 24, 2020

You enter the waiting room. Sitting at your computer, your anxiety begins to rise as you slowly watch the clock count down. As you wait, sweat drips down the side of your face and your fingers start to...

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