Graduation Ceremony 101


Photo by Paige Loeffler

The graduating Senior Class of 2017, throw their caps as they wave goodbye to Sage Creek High School. This year, a new set of students, Graduating Class of 2018, will be throwing up their caps and turning their tassels as they prepare for adulthood.

Gabriel Vecchio , Staff Writer

Graduation will be June 14th in the Bobcat stadium. 13 years of schooling have all led to this so let’s do this right. So here’s what to do and what not to do…


Bring Distracting Materials

First of all, I don’t know why you’d even think about — ok wait that would actually be kind of funny… but please don’t do it. In today’s day and age, the LAST thing anyone wants to hear in a large crowd is a loud blast. Besides, fireworks are illegal anyways. Sure, throwing a beach ball or a balloon around may seem harmless and fun, but this is a culmination of 13 years of schooling. Seniors have worked their tails off for this, so it is important to limit any type of distractions. And yes, even though it’s a beach ball, it still hurts to get beamed in the back of the head by a rogue shot…

Carry Unnecessary Items

No, you don’t need your phone, iPod (not that anyone has one anyways), wallet, keys, passport, social security, ransom money, etc… All items will be checked before the ceremony anyways. Like I said before, this is an important event; be respectful and offer your full attention.

Show Up Under The Influence

C’mon guys, I think this one’s a given. 



Enjoy graduation.

Everyone has worked hard to earn this. After all the deadlines, homework assignments, hours of studying, tests, quizzes, and early mornings, the seniors finally get a chance to be recognized for all the hard work they’ve done.

Take Pictures

You only graduate once… hopefully… so capture the moment. You can look back at all your friends and remember all the fireworks that DIDN’T go off and all the beach balls that DIDN’T peg you in the back of your noggin. Yes, post those photos on Facebook and Instagram with the #schsgraduation2k18. 

Be Safe After The Ceremony

After all this time you are now officially pretty much an adult. Summer has started, and there will be graduation parties and grad night. Make good decisions, don’t ruin all the hard work you’ve done. You’ve just completed a major milestone in your lifetime. Graduating high school is a big event, but don’t make another unfortunate one.

Dress Appropriately/Decorate your Cap

If you are a guy, you don’t need to wear your Armani suit but throw on a nice collared shirt and a tie along with some dress pants. Leave the Beavis and Butthead T-shirt at home. Girls should wear low heels or flat soles (due to the turf) with a nice pair of pants, a skirt, or dress. Don’t show up naked underneath your gown; apparently, this was an issue last year… Decorate that cap. You finally have the chance to show off that college of yours in a creative way.

Although high school has been a big part of your life so far, inevitably we will all go on to do other things with our lives. Enjoy it and make the most of it but don’t hang on too tight. Good luck with your future endeavors, Bobcats.