Deadpool 2 Joins the List of Sequels that are Better than the Original


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The Deadpool 2 poster shows Wade Wilson stealing a classic pose from Flashdance the musical. Deadpool was known for its hilarious moments, but Deadpool 2 ups the ante with even more and funnier jokes and jabs at other marvel properties.

Christopher Kathman, Staff Writer

One of the hardest things for people in the film business to do is to create a sequel that compares to — or tops — the original. Only a few movies have been able to achieve this goal: “Superman II,” “Spiderman 2,” “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back,” “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” and of course, “The Dark Knight.” After Deadpool became a smash hit and instant fan favorite, Ryan Reynolds knew it would be difficult to live up to the hype and the fan’s expectations. The “Deadpool 2” promotional videos and trailers made it clear to keep your expectations low and don’t expect much from the second film. But I’m happy to report that Deadpool 2 exceeded the original in almost every way, with improved action, jokes, and a better story.

Deadpool was known for its violent, R-rated fight scenes that depicted Wade Wilson performing multiple flips to achieve a three-person headshot or decapitating one enemy and kicking the head into another adversary. Well, Deadpool 2 ups the ante with bigger and badder fight scenes. Deadpool 2 has gory fight scenes between Deadpool and mercenaries, prison guards, and one-on-one fist fights against the time traveler from the future, Cable. Towards the end of the film, Deadpool and a partner have a fight scene where they finish each other’s combos, taking out goons in cool and funny ways, akin to the Wolverine and Laura fight at the end of Logan. The action is choreographed much better than the first Deadpool, and their’s more intense action scenes and setpieces.

…people will realize that Deadpool 2 out does the original in every way…”

Deadpool 2 hits it out of the park with its comedy. Deadpool gave fans exactly what they wanted with Wade’s remarks about other characters, one-liners, and fourth wall breaks. Deadpool 2 brings in more of all of it. While there may not necessarily be as many jokes as the original, more of the jokes and quips land, making it feel more filled with comedy. If you remember, Deadpool had a mid-credit scene that parodied “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” while also teasing Cable for the sequel. While there’s no Deadpool 3 teaser, Deadpool 2 has one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever experienced in cinema, which is hard because I’ve seen a lot of movies. 

The story of Deadpool is simple. A guy gets superpowers, his girlfriend gets kidnapped and now he has to save her. But Deadpool 2 adds some more depth to its story. It brings in new characters, including Cable, Domino, Fire Fist, the X-Force, and most important of all, Peter. The story is deeper than the original, but it’s hard to talk about it because it all revolves around a spoiler. Basically, Cable is from a future where his family was murdered and the world is in ashes, so he travels back in time to kill the person responsible for the death of his family. The story sounds like it’s ripped right out of Terminator, but there’s a lot more that I can’t talk about without bringing up spoilers. 

Deadpool struck gold in 2016, and beating it would be a challenge. Right now, Deadpool 2 is not doing as well as the original, but I think when we look back on this movie a few years down the line, people will realize that Deadpool 2 out does the original in every way, shape and form.