Drama Finishes a Solid Year of Performances with “The Birds and the Frogs”


Bailey Daynes

This year’s spring play, “The Birds and the Frogs”, although not one of the school’s more popular shows, was heard to be worth seeing as it brought smiles and laughs to all those who attended.

Sophia Mostamand, Staff Writer

The audience was in tears, laughing as the actors manage to break the fourth wall in their latest production of “The Frogs and The Birds.”

For this years spring play, theater put on a modernized version of an ancient Greek comedy. It took place from May 24 to May 26 at the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Center.

The original play served as an early inspiration for shows like “South Park” and “Saturday Night Live.” Although it took place in ancient times, they managed to modernize it by bringing in characters to play Donald Trump, News Broadcasters, and aspiring artists. They also incorporated a song from “The Lion King.”

Sophomore Taylor Foster loved the play.

“I’ve been to most of the plays theater has put on this year, but this one was for sure my favorite,” Foster said, “it was so funny, and kind of random, but that’s what made it so entertaining.”

As the play went on, it followed two characters on their journey to become god-like figures to the bird world. Throughout this, the actors managed to show a story of friendship, politics and torture, all while keeping the audience on their toes throughout the play.

The actors also broke the fourth wall on many occasions. Breaking the fourth wall is when the cast talks to the audience and engages with them, acknowledging that they are there. Often, actors were walking through the crowd, talking to members of the audience in a comedic matter.

Senior Megan Radzinski loved Donald Trump and the costumes.

“My favorite part of the show was probably when Donald Trump came in through the back and walked through the audience,” Radzinski said, “the costume and attitude were spot-on.”

Senior Connor Tabbone, who played the current president, Donald Trump, impersonated him and imitated things he has previously said, such as building a wall.

They also incorporated many current day struggles and jokes, as well as localizing the play to Carlsbad. Throughout the entire play, the actors had managed to keep the audience eager to see what’s to come.

As freshman Alexa Mendoza said, “The shows have gotten a lot better during the year. I’m excited to see where the theater will take their shows next year.”