2018-2019 Election Results


Sophia Mostamand

Many candidates hang their posters on the windows outside of the gum. The class council election results were revealed on Friday, May 11th.

As the school year nears its end, it is time to elect the leaders for next year. On May 4th, an assembly was held after a pep rally in order for candidates for the upcoming school year to give their speeches.

Current ASB juniors Danny Rubin and Brooklyn Deal ran for ASB president for the 2018-2019 school year. They both delivered speeches about their ideas on how to improve the upcoming year.

Along with the ASB student-body elections, were the class council elections. During this, seniors were released to their only off-campus lunch of the year.

Running for next years senior class president was Sydney Ballard along with Mary Grace Feldmann. The vice president will be Riley Hull with treasurer Valerie Nguyen. Competing for secretary was Kellen Bassler, Tess Tran, and Jenny Tucker.

Next were the new junior class elections. Running for junior class president was Bryce Allen, Ethan Hope, Katelyn Kennedy and Antony Lin. For vice president, the candidates were Jacob Caruso and Madeline Connelly. The treasure will be Cierra Healy. The candidates for secretary were Tyler Jones and Claire Perhach.

Last were the upcoming sophomore class elections. For president was Nolan Mejia and for vice president was Maya Grudman. The candidates for treasurer were Paola Gonzalez and Morgan Mayorga. For secretary was Madison Blankenhorn.

Voting began after the assembly on May 4th and ended on May 9th. The results were released on May 11th over the intercom. The ASB president winner was upcoming senior Danny Rubin along with vice president Brooklyn Deal.

Next years senior class president will be Mary Grace Feldman, with vice president Riley Hull. The secretary will be Tess Tran and the treasurer will be Valerie Nguyen.

For the upcoming juniors, Katelyn Kennedy will be the president, Jacob Caruso will be vice president, Tyler Jones will be secretary and Cierra Healy will be treasurer.

For next years sophomore class council, Nolan Mejia will be president with vice president Maya Grudman. The secretary will be Madison Blankenhorn and treasurer Paola Gonzalez.

The incoming freshman class council will be announced at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.