Four Things to Look Forward to in Fortnite Season 4

Justin Storrs, Staff Writer

After weeks of speculation, meteors, and hidden messages, Epic Games has finally released the season 4 update during the morning of May 1st.  The patch brought about radical changes to the map, a new theme, and much much more. Here’s what to look forward to as we buy our battles passes and jump into the new season.  

Dusty Divot

Justin Storrs
The new location Dusty Divot, now a large crater filled with “hop rocks” and other loot. Many Fortnite players believed that the comet was coming for Tilted Towers but luckily (or unluckily) it hit Dusty Depot instead.

Probably the most striking change in season four, the meteor we all thought would wipe out tilted towers actually missed and crashed down a little to the left, totally obliterating Dusty Depot. The scene is reminiscent of the first Thor movie, scientific equipment strewn everywhere and large pop-up buildings surrounding a mysterious meteor. The impact caused significant damage to the map, making Dusty Divot, or the massive crater it encompasses, one of the biggest locations so far.  

New Battle Pass

Justin Storrs
The first seven tiers of the season four battle pass. The battle pass is an opportunity for players to gradually acquire new skins and other cosmetic items.

The new season also means a new battle pass. Leaving the space theme in season three, Epic launched a new, revolutionary superhero theme. The battle pass introduces us to new skins and characters similar to pop culture icons such as DC’s Wonder Woman and Ultron from the Avengers. Apart from adding the usual gliders, emotes, and skins, Epic has also added entirely new sprays that can be applied to surfaces in the game.  

Updated Map

Justin Storrs
Two other locations around the new Fortnite map a villain’s secret lair and an old-timey drive-in. With the new season, Epic has added numerous new and interesting locations around the map.

Other than the prominent Dusty Divot, Epic has also added a slew of other superhero-themed locations around the map.  There is a secret layer tucked away in a mountain. A new disco club. A “Wayne Manor” style mansion overlooking the ocean. There is even is an entirely new point of interest: Risky Reels.  This location first seen in the trailer is an old-timey drive-in theater. Epic has also added numerous craters varying in size and in loot around the map to coincide with the meteor shows seen the previous season.  

New Gameplay Mechanics

Thanks to the new “hop rocks” or crystals that give double jump and zero gravity abilities a world of gameplay has opened up. Although the crystals are fun to use, they leave the player vulnerable up in the air.

With the crash of the alien meteors all around the map, Epic has introduced new, weird consumables within these craters.  These purple gems or “hop rocks” can be eaten to give the player new out of this world powers. It gives them both a super jump and zero gravity ability. Players can now fly through the air, guns ablaze, without taking fall damage. Be warned, however; that the crystals make you extremely vulnerable being so far above the ground.  

In the end, Epic Games has given their community much more than the asked for, interesting new mechanics,  cool superhero skins, unique locations, and much much more. With the crash of the meteor, Epic went out with a bang for the fourth season of Fortnite.  

If you have any thoughts about the new update and season please let us know in the comment section.