Conclusion and The Way Forward

Star Wars as a whole is a very special franchise to many many people. The disparity of critic and fan reviews is evidence as such. The critics gawked over its marvels while fans hated its forced agenda and illogical storytelling. There is no stopping Disney from making more Star Wars movies but there is showing them that we do not appreciate the defamation of something so dear to our hearts. With the Han Solo movie coming out this year and more and more TV shows, merchandise, and speculation Star Wars will not be left to die. Take this review as both a warning and critique, don’t blindly accept Disney’s forced marketing and at the same time find enjoyment in what you like.

Overall The Last Jedi earns a score of a 7/10 as just a movie. It is worth watching whether fan or not, as its cinematography is nothing short of amazing. For just a normal viewer The Last Jedi is a treat.

As a Star Wars fan, the movie is infuriating and perplexing. With its storytelling and awful character interaction, it loses the nostalgia and style of the Prequels and Original Trilogy. Still see it and make an opinion for yourself, but for now, Star Wars as a franchise needs to be given a fresh outlook and a soft deathbed.