Footloose Premiere Displays Student Talent

Bailey Daynes, Photography Editor

Over this past weekend, the Sage Creek drama program put on their fifth annual performance in the Carlsbad High School Cultural Arts Center. This year’s show, “Footloose,” consisted of over 50 students on stage, and 30 behind the scenes (in crew and band) who all spent countless hours working towards making the four shows a success. Filled with uniquely choreographed dancing and perfected live music, the performance was definitely worth the watch.

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  • Side characters, along with leads, Ariel and Rusty, are seen conversing about the arrival of new student, Ren McCormack.

  • Ariel, played by Avalon Call, is seen singing “I Need A Hero” along with the trio, Rusty, Urleen, and Wendy Jo.

  • Junior Avalon Call sings her heart out during solo, “I Need A Hero”.

  • During the number, “Heaven Helps The Man/I’m Free” Sage Creek dancers are seen executing strategically choreographed dance moves.

  • Senior Jeff Wattner dips sophomore Elaina Davis during the song, “Still Rockin'”.

  • During the final number, “Footloose”, amidst all the excitement and chaos, a solo dancer is captured gracefully extending her leg into the air.

  • Junior Ryan Harazim is pictured standing in the spotlight during one of the final scenes singing “I Confess”.

  • Junior Tristan Villeneuve, playing the role of Willard, is seen pouring his heart into solo, “Mama Says”.

  • Senior Pierce Rough is pictured posing with his date at the end of choreography to “Still Rockin'”.

  • Lead roles, Ren and Ariel, played by Max Pedrazzani and Avalon Call, pose in front of rest of the cast, all with big smiles on their faces.

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