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Polite Political Discourse Episode 3: Religion in Politics

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Join hosts Dakota Coddington and Tyler Overbey in Polite Political Discourse, as they engage in intellectual, bipartisan, conversation. The two intend on attempting to understand each others political views, while-be-it the complete opposites of each other. 

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4 Responses to “Polite Political Discourse Episode 3: Religion in Politics”

  1. Owen Horne on March 22nd, 2018 12:14 pm

    wish these things had a transcript.

  2. Joey Babcock on March 22nd, 2018 1:37 pm

    welcome ladies and gentlemen my name is

    Tyler Overby and I am here with my host

    Dakota Coddington and we are here to

    talk about yet another political topic

    today what will you decide to talk about

    is a little bit controversial but I

    think it’s something that we can all

    handle we decided that we wanted to

    discuss religions interplay into

    politics more just address kind of in a

    broad way all of the ways that people

    incorporate political ideas are not

    political ideas religious ideals and

    beliefs into their political thinking

    and we’re gonna dress the pros and cons

    of both because as I’m sure some of you

    know as you can see what the code is all

    of Dakota’s I love my church t-shirts

    anywhere it’s to school all the time

    which we know and love we know that he’s

    very involved with his church we know

    that he’s very involved with religion as

    with his whole family who have met all

    of them they’re very wonderful people

    and we this kind of this idea came out

    of a conversation that him and I had

    previously where I just wanted to voice

    some of my concerns and some of my

    questions because I myself am of faith

    but I have found myself questioning it

    throughout the years and having some

    some pretty good thought processes about

    it that I think everyone should you know

    it’s healthy to think about but what I’d

    like to start off with which is my

    starting opinion for this conversation

    is I don’t really think which is this

    tends to be more of a conservative thing

    to happen I don’t really think it’s a

    good idea to transfer over the sayings

    and teachings of the Bible into

    everything that gets played into

    politics and that can be large and that

    can be small so that can be literal

    where like with abortion and how

    everyone especially the Catholic Church

    is very against it and they that’s

    because it’s a very specific detailed

    ruling about the way that they’re

    supposed to be and then there’s also on

    the other side of the spectrum there’s a

    lot lighter versions of that which is

    just be good to your neighbor be good


    ironically some of the the people that

    live by those ideals tend to do the

    opposite in terms of our economy and

    businesses because they like to screw

    over other people and take their money

    at least that’s the way that I’ve seen

    it throughout the years but to get back

    to my main point it was more of a

    question I wanted to ask Dakota and an

    argument in the sense of is it okay to

    just blindly follow exactly what is said

    in the Bible and exactly what it said

    you know when we don’t really know

    everything for sure we don’t know

    everything for absolute all we know is

    that these are that the disciples are

    human in their human people that years

    and years ago wrote this book and all

    humans have done some great things and

    they’ve done some some great terror

    thing horrible things as well and I’m

    not saying I’m not trying to make any

    sort of argument that the Bible isn’t

    real or religion is fake or it shouldn’t

    be valued I think it’s some one of the

    most important things and finding

    empathy and true love with in the world

    and with people in it

    but my big thing is I just don’t like

    how people with that are very religious

    what they seem to do a lot in politics

    is they seem to pick and choose what

    they want to believe and what they want

    to follow in the Bible and of course I

    mean you look at it from an adolescent

    standpoint and then you see like oh like

    not having sex before marriage it’s a

    big thing that people all break the

    rules on that all the time and they

    think oh well I can still be a good

    Christian and still do that I mean

    there’s plenty of people I’m not saying

    that any of those people are bad we’re

    all guilty we’ve all done our share of

    things but you need to be cognizant of

    the fact that you’re still not following

    that rule and people seem to pick and

    choose and the biggest thing that I want

    to say yet again and then I’ll stop for

    a little bit and let Dakota talk is I

    just wanted to get out everything right

    away is my biggest thing is the

    contention about gay marriage in this

    country is something that I just think

    and or transgender people the

    controversy of the belief in that people

    adults struggling to comprehend the

    these new things to them and honestly

    like I think it’s just horrible that

    there’s so much hatred with but I

    understand that with misunderstanding

    common doubts and fears and that makes a

    lot of sense but at the same time that

    comes from the Book of Leviticus and in

    the Book of Leviticus they say that a

    marriage is between a man and the woman

    but the thing about that Book of

    Leviticus which I have taken the time to

    read they also have like 75 other things

    and that’s not an exaggeration that and

    you can look it up that they tell you

    not to do and there are very simple

    everyday things that people blatantly

    disregard all the time

    I can think of them for example you

    can’t eat certain types of meat you

    can’t touch unclean animals you can’t if

    you fail to testify about doing

    something that you’ve done wrong and you

    failed to tell anybody about it then

    that’s considered a sin you can’t eat

    certain types of fat like I said there’s

    just a bunch of other things you can’t

    tear your clothes you can’t drink

    alcohol and holy places you can’t and

    these are all very simple things and

    it’s just it’s weird I mean it’s weird

    that people do that because that’s a

    very cut and dry example of a section of

    the Bible where things are disregarded

    but it seems that that’s a lot of how

    racism and hatred is started and stirred

    in our country it’s from people picking

    and choosing those good morals from the

    Bible because they believe that if

    they’re following some of them they’re

    following all of them that makes them a

    holy good person and that’s why all

    those holy good southern folk in the

    South in the early 50s and 60s were so

    hate hateful towards our

    african-american brothers was because

    they believed that they were doing God’s

    righteous work and that they were the

    holy good people and it was through

    something that God would have never have

    ever wanted he had to have any sort of

    hatred towards his kit children in my

    opinion which I always thought was the

    big contradiction with religious people

    anyway with spreading enforcing or

    spreading love but enforcing hey you

    gotta make everyone feel loved and


    and that’s what it was always the number

    one thing in the Bible was love thy

    neighbor and yet homosexuals transgender

    any member of the LGBT community as well

    as still in this day African Americans

    and Hispanic Asian Native American folk

    a lot of people in groups are still

    receiving all sorts of hatred and

    disrespect in the belief that these

    people are less than us and that is not

    a what was said in the Bible and I don’t

    know how all of these conservative

    politicians got that mixed up especially

    in and that’s less about not nowadays

    more especially in the early early

    likelike you know the 60s and the 50s

    and what in the hundred years before in

    America that you know all that time was

    just horrific and it was there was blood

    drawn there was lines crossed and it was

    never supposed to be the way that it

    turned out but they these people who

    thought that they were doing what was

    right and I just and you can see that

    that leads to some horrible things and

    that’s why I think it’s bad I believe

    and a separation between church and

    state I don’t think that you know

    privately funded things like school

    should get any sort of federal

    government money like unless it’s for

    things that are applied to all the other

    schools I think that it needs to be non

    secular it needs to have the scrutiny of

    being you know separated because there’s

    a fine line like recently in to talk in

    more recent news there was a talk of

    there having an open casket honoring of

    a reverend in the white house for the

    first time and paul ryan talked about it

    and donald trump talked about it saying

    he was a respectful man and there are a

    lot of people that don’t think so and

    whether or not you believe that this man

    was good or deserves the honoring it is

    something to say of well should this

    reverend be showcased in the capital and

    be honored in a situation where we are a

    nation filled of different religions and

    I’m not saying that being a good person

    while being a faith isn’t something that

    is worth recognizing it’s just kind of a

    fine line because the allegiances are

    definitely there

    like oh well this man was a great

    Catholic man he did all these great

    things and it’s really just kind of

    contentious and so to wrap all that up I

    just say in general it’s something to be

    wary of but that’s why I turn it over to

    my partner Dakota because I’d love for

    him to maybe address some separate

    points that might cover the cotton the

    topic a little bit better so what I’m

    hearing is you don’t think I just want

    to clarify yes you don’t think we should

    have any any religious entanglements

    yeah entanglements between like the

    government and religious and religion

    yes because yes because you believe that

    with religion comes the the bias of yes

    the bias and I think and I’m glad I

    think that words all of my crazy

    different separate points on together

    very well because that’s that’s where I

    think the corruption comes especially

    like when I was saying like with those

    privately funded schools and the

    privately you know all the the private

    connections between the states and the

    government’s especially like in in

    England in the olden times when it was

    the Roman Catholic Church and it’s

    connected to the royalty I mean when you

    had all that it made it so the

    government played into the religion and

    the religion played into the government

    and that really isn’t shouldn’t be what

    happens especially when you have a

    nation full of different religions and

    it seems that to be honest it’s like

    picking favorites because it’s already

    kind of a stretch to do in the pledge of

    allegiance and say under God and you

    know do put your right like some people

    just don’t believe in that and I’m not

    saying that you should abolish doing the

    Pledge of Allegiance and I’m not saying

    that you shouldn’t have you know the

    country shouldn’t do any like oh under

    God when he’s sworn in this president or

    so help me God any of that it’s just

    you’ve got to be wary of all the other

    people because you don’t want to

    associate the country with something

    that’s gonna be very what’s the word

    that’s gonna have some segregation and

    their lack of a better word yeah because

    you’re establishing that you’re not the

    same as the other people you’re saying

    all right if you say that

    nation is Oh in God’s and god we trust’

    it’s God’s country God’s favorite place

    and all that like what about all the

    Jewish in the Muslim and the Hindu and

    all in the air whatever your religion is

    in the country they’re not gonna feel as

    close with them as connected as one as a

    part of the nation and that’s why I

    think it should just be our our country

    independent of itself and of course I

    see the value and I see what a lot of

    people will say which is it encourages

    good character encourages good morals

    that’s so there’s nothing wrong with it

    and that’s right but like I’m saying

    people can a lot of humans make mistakes

    and they can abuse the the good rules a

    lot of the people that are bad in this

    world of some of the most clever because

    they know how to get around rules and I

    mean all of those things I just told you

    aspetta mean I cry every day thinking

    about how sad it is like but so much

    hatred has been spread throughout

    hundreds and hundreds of years about

    towards gay people towards people of

    color it’s horrific because there’s

    nothing that they had ever done it

    deserved and my biggest thing to tell to

    address people that don’t understand

    people that are transgender if that’s

    the way that they were wanted to be and

    that’s truly what they want then that’s

    what they should get because if you

    really think about it and especially

    where people say like oh it’s just a

    mental disorder being gay and like oh or

    or being transgender it’s just they’re

    either wacko or whatever that’s well a

    lot of people say and I’m address I’m

    saying this now because it’s a problem

    that people are saying that because it I

    mean it’s just it’s horrific to think

    about how these people are considered

    less or considered not holy for being

    gay or being transgender because God put

    them on this earth for a reason that’s

    the number one thing that people always

    told me in the church was that all

    people were born with the same morals

    and the same ideals I mean come on all

    men are created equal and yet look I

    mean it’s just one of those things where

    God who had never taught hatred and

    a lot of God’s things that have been

    done in God’s name throughout hundreds

    of thousands of years have been in

    hatred and I think that all that the

    people in this world deserve is love and

    I think that it’s just like I said just

    very heartbreaking because I believe

    that it really is God’s plan and and

    that’s something that you and I have had

    had a real big headbutt about before

    which was whether or not its genetic or

    whatever or not its mental or if it

    really is what God wants because oh if

    it’s said in the Bible that man is

    between men and a woman man a woman then

    why would a man love another man but you

    look back and you think about well if

    Hitler kill killed gay people and there

    was gay people back then there is gay

    people back in like Mozart’s age because

    they write about it even now and you can

    read about it that there’s a trend there

    it’s not like this is some recent thing

    of oh my god a guy loves another guy

    girl loves another girl and it’s so

    unanimous without any sort of

    interaction it’s not like it was just

    like this thing that just came out of

    nowhere people have had it and I’ve had

    and there’s so many people through all

    the years that have shared their

    experiences of hiding it and be feeling

    ashamed and now that we’re in a world

    that’s more connected than ever because

    of social media because of all the great

    connections that we can have in this

    world now because of Technology people

    have a community across the world they

    don’t even have to have any friends that

    are gay in their school or in their town

    because they have people in California

    when they’re in Michigan or whatever and

    it’s great because now you can really

    see just how many people are a part of

    this I think that the LGBT community is

    growing more and more every day not in

    the sense of people becoming gay or

    anything but in the sense of people

    finally having that confidence to tell

    people to identify as a member of the

    LGBT community because back in the you

    know the seventies people like Freddie

    Mercury were getting married when they

    were gay just so they could hold up the

    facade that they weren’t I mean that’s

    what happened and I don’t know I just

    think that all these people they come

    from a place of love and they come from

    a place of sincerity and so when people

    say I don’t like I’ve heard people talk

    about in the transgender bathroom thing

    oh it doesn’t belong in my bathroom with

    my daughter because they think they’re

    gonna rape somebody like they’re just

    wait thinking this over their head do

    you really think that someone would go

    through that much effort to molest

    somebody go under a sexual change of

    their actual physical body I just think

    that that’s perfectly Caribbean side

    that people would assume that out of a

    person that comes out publicly and says

    that this is really what I believe I

    believe I’m a woman when they’re a man

    and I believe or the other way around

    and it’s just heartbreaking

    and I know I’ve been going on and on but

    and I really want to know your side

    because I kind of feel like I’m drilling

    you down and I want to hear what you

    have to say about it so a lot topic well

    so in reality you’re saying like people

    people hate people discriminate and that

    kind of stuff and you’re saying that’s

    not what God intended yeah right and you

    are absolutely 100% correct there God

    put people on the earth to like the

    whole the whole reason why God made Eve

    was that Adam would have someone to love

    one right and that’s why that’s why we

    have communities that’s why we’re able

    to build relationships that’s why we’re

    able to make friends even like that’s

    why we’re here to to be a part of a

    community that’s what we are as humans

    we we are in community with each other

    and you’re right God God doesn’t want

    people to discriminate and God doesn’t

    want people to hate each other so when

    when whoever politicians or whoever when

    they go hey we hate gay people like

    that’s that’s I believe I firmly believe

    that’s wrong now I’m not gonna endorse

    gay marriage okay that’s just against my

    beliefs but I’m not gonna judge other

    people for going there it’s not my spot

    to judge that’s the thing like then

    you’re aware and that’s what i-i’ve

    always seen in you is I know you’re

    aware of the fact that it’s not your

    place to judge somebody for that yeah

    exactly but a lot of people and it might

    not even be it probably isn’t

    intentional but they automatically

    assume that because they’re another

    person in this world that they can think

    that they’re less than them yeah I mean

    just because of an orientation but can

    you wanna know so yes God says that’s my

    place to judge so when people go around

    they go hating each other when they’re

    protesting people’s funerals and stuff

    that’s that’s wrong what they’re doing

    is just as bad as anything else like

    murder whatever rape all that kind of

    stuff it’s all sin according to the

    Bible it’s all sin so when you go around

    you’re hating people it’s just as bad so

    but then what do you think about them

    doing that though and what do you think

    that means in terms of establishing

    connections between your religion and

    politics are you connect a religion to

    politics how would you defend someone

    that that does so closely connect their

    religious ties with their political ties

    it’s not saying like I said yeah I am

    saying it’s bad but I’m not trying to

    attack you for having that feeling I

    want to know what you think about it

    well my thing is I’m not saying we

    should you know unseparated the church

    and say because I think I think it’s

    good that we have separation between

    church and state that way we can have a

    system that doesn’t discriminate like

    America like freedom of religion freedom

    of speech if we only had one opinion I

    do think that’d be hard to have a

    society so I’m not I’m not saying we

    have to like bring the church and the

    government back together that’s not what

    I’m saying what I’m saying is

    I guess to answer your question like I

    believe that when the when the church

    and religion is I don’t like the word

    religion and religion is religion

    government yeah church and government I

    think when they are together when they

    come together I think it can be a great

    thing only if people are actually doing

    what God says because God doesn’t say

    protest gay marriages protests military

    funerals God doesn’t say to do any of

    that God says love your neighbor as


    and if your neighbors gay and you’re

    like forget forget even like forget

    discriminating right let’s just say you

    just don’t like your neighbor because of

    that fact like that that’s a the exact

    opposite of what God says to do so wait

    what your what you’re feeling and what

    your addressing is legalism and we’ve

    talked a little bit about this before

    but when people when people decide the

    rules are more important than the people

    that’s when there’s problems that’s when

    like that’s when all the hate comes out

    cuz people go this rule is far more

    important than any other person and

    that’s where that’s that’s where the

    line gets and that’s and that’s

    something that I think comes with a lot

    of conservativism is people just blindly

    following those ideals or what I like to

    call from mister Bloomquist selective

    incorporation in the different means

    because they’re selectively

    incorporating the rules that they’re

    blindly following so I mean if you look

    at because a lot of religion is very

    broad and a lot of the government issues

    are very specific like I don’t know

    immigrants coming into the country or

    economy or healthcare it’s something

    that’s specifically addressed but when

    people are like are but people they make

    they assume what’s God’s intention you

    know what I mean and yeah to be honest

    with you like I can make a lot of real

    you could any person can twist it to be

    God’s will no matter what I mean think

    about like the pro-choice versus

    pro-life like that’s a whole like

    conversation of like well you could

    argue that like God wants the baby to

    stay obviously but you could also say oh

    well if

    could make it so people could discover

    how to remove babies from the body then

    they could do it like that’s I’m just

    I’m not saying that that’s like an

    argument that I’m making what I’m saying

    is that people do try to do that people

    are deliberately drawing like we’ve the

    way that God’s will is into these

    specific things yeah you know what I’m

    saying and with that it’s just you need

    to be cognizant I think that it’s good

    to have good morals but I think that you

    shouldn’t blindly follow it the thing I

    want you to talk at the very at the very

    beginning you talked about like the Book

    of Leviticus yes you said there’s all

    these rules that God clearly set forth

    saying like don’t eat pork don’t get a

    tattoo wear a golden or golden wedding

    ring oh now all that was great but that

    is a curse oh so what what you don’t

    realize is that was this is just a

    little historical context yes that was

    Abrahamic law that was for the

    Israelites specifically when it comes to

    following because back then they didn’t

    know things about like she what’s the

    word bacteria right yeah so God said

    when you go to the bathroom you go

    outside a camp you dig a hole you poo in

    the hole you cover it up and then you

    come back in cuz back then they didn’t

    know you know like that you can just set

    you can’t sleep in your own yeah exactly

    exactly they didn’t know that kind of

    stuff so a lot of those kind of rules

    are set in a time in a different time

    than it’s set in a different time and

    they’re sets for people that don’t

    understand now I’m not saying like look

    they’re set for our good right yeah that

    being said

    like a lot of the sacrifices they had to

    make like one of the specific rules are

    sacrificing you don’t see people running

    around sacrificing animals here yeah

    that’s because when Jesus came and this

    is part of the religion thing is

    religion yes yes yes I’ll talk about

    that later when the thing is when Jesus

    came he was the sacrifice and he changed

    through he didn’t change the rules he

    fulfilled the law because Jesus says the

    law is not as important as you so when

    Jesus came he said I’ll be the sacrifice


    I will become the law so that you can

    operate your own free will

    yes exactly so that you can live your

    own life your own life in me because

    before Jesus they had to sacrifice sheep

    they had the sacrifice that there was so

    many sacrifices it was ridiculous so is

    the point that you’re making that God

    Jesus came along and said you don’t have

    to do that anymore because I’m telling

    you that you don’t have to right

    I’m not saying some of them yeah I’m not

    debunking what you’re saying yeah I’m

    just drafting because and another thing

    that you said was which i think is a

    very very big thing that is an

    eye-opener to everybody the book was

    written a long time ago in a different

    time yeah and so when the man has been

    lovage between a man and a woman thing

    things change and like that’s whatever

    the first the number one like most

    rudimentary thing when it comes to this

    sort of argument is like yeah that exact

    thing and like I told you God may have

    it might have been a misinterpretation

    of God’s will because I truly truly

    believe that even back then God wouldn’t

    have said oh man is beloved is between

    just man and a woman because he wouldn’t

    have made it possible for a man to love

    another man or a woman

    another one hmm and see okay good okay

    let’s go go this is where this is where

    we go yes the polite discourse starts so

    Jesus Jesus actually never said he said

    I want to reiterate that Jesus said that

    yeah yeah yeah disciple yes yes so well

    when I was talking about Jesus becoming

    the new law mm-hmm

    that had nothing to do with marriage

    well actually did he said when you

    become part of the church you become my

    bride which is interesting the church is

    basically his bride answer step that’s a

    weird that’s interesting that’s a weird

    topic keep going

    no but so I’m not I’m not saying every

    single law in the Old Testament cuz

    obviously putting your poop somewhere


    that’s a good that’s a good rule to live

    by and the thing is the thing is with

    you’re defending picking and choosing

    the rules in the Bible aren’t you know

    that’s what it sounds that’s what it

    sounds like I’ll admit that’s definitely

    what it sounds like but the thing is

    Jesus he didn’t pick and choose he

    became the law and he he specifically

    said like he said to Peter after after

    he had died and came back and went went

    back into heaven he said to Peter hey

    like in a vision Peter saw all these

    animals he saw it lizards he saw pigs he

    saw a bunch of weird animals and he said

    and God said then eat and Peter’s like

    uh-uh that foods unholy and gods like no

    eat and Peter’s like no no no God you

    said that was unholy and gods like no no

    no no I said that’s hope that eat it

    cuz through Jesus that’s fine and I

    guess the moral of the story is I’m not

    I’m not saying everything that you do

    it’s okay you don’t have to worry about

    already a very specific way just exactly

    what you feel just saying I’m not saying

    everything is justified in fact

    that sin is still sin no matter what you

    do God sees every sin the exact same way

    God sees murder as mert as a sin he sees

    a white liason he sees everything the

    exact same way and I believe that I

    don’t want to say homosexuality I want

    to say he clearly says marriage is

    between a man and a woman yes obviously

    biologically scientifically speaking

    there’s a man part and there’s a woman

    part yes and they go together yeah I am

    very familiar with that yes so

    scientifically speaking that’s the way

    it is and when you go in just I I don’t

    want to go there I’m on do it say it the

    thing is like when you when you try to

    subvert those rules you introduce things

    that were not designed to be that way in

    the same way there you go yeah you just

    hit the homerun that that’s that’s a

    that’s an online I’m not the thing is

    come on I’m not I’m not hating on

    anybody I love gay people I truly love

    transgender people I truly love the

    LGBTQ community but I personally don’t

    believe that that’s a good thing a good

    thing huh there’s not much that’s not my

    spot to judge though but but but I don’t

    end of the day you know that I’m glad

    because this is revealing some truth at

    the end of the day you still don’t feel

    like it’s something you agree yes and

    it’s and that is we’re not in you but in

    other kind you’re ever gonna happen in

    you yeah and other people that are not

    as kind and caring as you that’s where

    the hatred is bro yeah that’s where it

    comes from is being like oh well I still

    don’t understand you still don’t like I

    still to whatever but like this those

    people that say oh well and I for you

    hear it a lot in like the videos of

    people coming out as trans

    and whatever they say I don’t understand

    it but I love you so I’m gonna I’m gonna

    do I’m gonna love you unconditionally

    and I’m going to support you 100%

    yeah and that’s the that is what God

    intended and that’s what God like when

    you say that the changing the rules and

    understanding new things is with love

    and acceptance it’s not with insecurity

    and fear exactly I’m glad you could say

    that because you know this is something

    I’ve been thinking about cuz I hate sin

    Oh boys crying it’s like a I hate sin

    but I love people and what God says is

    he says love people that’s what you do

    you love people your job on this earth

    is to love people and let me love people

    and show them my love that’s what God

    says to do show them my love God doesn’t

    say hey go condemn everyone to hell

    because first of all you can’t do that


    second of all it’s not your job to do

    that yeah third of all it just makes you

    look like a jerk and it paints everyone

    in a bad picture yeah so like I

    personally I don’t I I don’t condone gay

    marriage or and that kind of thing but I

    still have plenty of friends that are

    like that and I’m I love them as people

    and I’m not gonna go around judging them

    I’m not gonna try to you know like try

    to convert their treatment lengths or

    anything to treat them like let dirt

    through my friends yeah they’re they’re

    people that God placed in my life for me

    to love yeah so it is a different kind

    of it’s not like sexual love but it’s

    like a love like a undergone love and

    understanding so well to wrap up this

    conversation just cuz it’s in it is we

    did say that we were starting off on a

    broad topic of religion I wanted to to

    say a point that I think is big because

    I kind of made a point about it being

    like oh how is how do we really know

    that the button that religion is real

    and God is real and I’ve said this

    before to people and I and I want to

    have it on tape so I can actually like

    have it somewhere and I can refer to it

    in the future the way that I know

    without a shadow of a doubt

    God is real yeah the end of the day even

    though I’ve told you so much about how

    absolutely convinced that there’s

    something up with religion and all that

    I’m still at the end of the day gonna

    pray every single night like I’ve done

    since I was a little kid I’m going to

    believe because there is no way that in

    a world with no technology and no

    universal connection with hundreds and

    thousands of different languages in

    people of different races ethnicities

    and geological locations there is no way

    that all those different religions that

    came out of them that are still around

    today could have that much similarity in

    their origin and basic premise if there

    wasn’t an actual God like the fact that

    there’s Allah and the fact that there’s

    God linking Muslim and if it’s just so

    funny that they’re both so contentious

    with each other those two religions but

    the ideas are there Allah and God I mean

    ideally are supposed to be the similar

    ideas it’s a single manifestation of

    someone that came down and said I’m the

    savior and all that it’s just different

    you know different people different

    names different times different places

    different languages different

    interpretations and that’s what makes it

    all one big thing and it’s also at the

    same time hard to be able to compare

    religion as fact versus fantasy or /

    story I shouldn’t say fantasy Vic like

    story because it’s an interpretation of

    another human beings experiences not

    actually God’s written action of

    printing these words so that’s my way of

    my skepticism and my optimism and

    diligent combined because but at the end

    of the day I would say that there is no

    doubt in my mind that there isn’t some

    sort of God but I’m also a man of

    science the Big Bang all the scientific

    I mean there’s a lot of questions yeah

    so but that’s not what we were here to

    talk about today that wasn’t where we

    disagree that’s a topic for another

    that’s a topic for another time I just

    wanted to say that at the end of the day

    I still love you for who you are Dakota

    and I appreciate that

    I want you to know everyone listening

    that nothing that we talked about in

    this podcast will ever affect the way

    that we feel about each other as friends

    and we hope that we have the same with

    you we know I want you to know that

    these are just the way that this thought

    processes this is just a conversation

    we’re just spitballing we’re not

    we’re not we don’t have an agenda we’re

    not establishing ways to think we’re not

    trying to tell you what to think we’re

    just trying to teach you how to think

    you know we just want to say that we’re

    very thankful and we hope to see you

    next time on polite political discourse


  3. Owen Horne on March 26th, 2018 12:03 pm


  4. Joey Babcock on March 26th, 2018 12:17 pm


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