Why the “Venom” Teaser Fails to Excite Viewers

Sony’s “Venom” is to be released on October 5th, 2018

photo taken from Official Venom website

Sony’s “Venom” is to be released on October 5th, 2018

Chris Beauchamp, Entertainment Editor

Last week, Sony Pictures released the first teaser for their upcoming Marvel superhero film, “Venom.” Fans have been very eager to get their first glimpse of what the film is going to look like. With the teaser released online, the reaction hasn’t been as stellar as some might think. In fact, the reaction has been more negative than positive. In my opinion, the trailer wasn’t terrible but did fail to grab me or get me excited. I do agree with the complaints being given about the trailer. Here’s a few reasons why the Venom teaser failed to excite viewers and fans.

No glimpse or tease of the title character  

In a trailer called “Venom,” we don’t get to see anything involving him at all in this trailer. Some have been defending the trailer in saying that this is simply a teaser and that the company probably wants to save the reveal for the actual film. My counterpoint to that statement is that a teaser is suppose to ‘tease’ the film viewers are going to see. In that, the trailer failed to present what this film is truly about.

It does not work as a teaser

In recent months, we have had more creative and inventive teasers that truly excite the viewers to wanting to see the movie. Some great examples of films’ teasers are “Thor: Ragnarok,” “Logan,” and more famously, “IT.” Regardless of the quality of the final product, the teaser’s job is to get audience members to come to the theaters to see their movie. In terms of a teaser, this works more as an announcement trailer rather than a teaser. From hearing many thoughts online from many fans of the source material, the teaser failed to get people excited for the film.

Lacks Creativity

In terms of a trailer, it is very generic and boring. There isn’t much in the trailer to get the viewer excited or give much to talk about. With teasers, there’s something provided to get buzz going on the project whether it being a line or a shot in the trailer. For this one, all they provide is shots of Tom Hardy walking, running and screaming. That’s it! While they show a small effect in the title card showing a face, we don’t get to see any physical representation of the title character.

In terms of a teaser, i was very disappointed from what they showed. I’m still very intrigued and excited to see this film and to see Venom in action. I just hope the marketing gets better and we get to see a glimpse of Venom in the next trailer because this teaser, in my opinion, gave us nothing to get excited for. Venom hits theaters everywhere October 5th, 2018. The film stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed and Jenny Slate.