Abusing Convenience


The Concussions Have Really Done a Number on Secretary Clinton

Sam Bodnar, Editor-in-Chief

Despite her ever so noble efforts to “press on” with her presidential campaign, countless, unnoticed crimes and convenient illnesses reek a foul odor that can’t mask the crooked “C” in Hillary Rodham Clinton. Maybe that’s what the letter C implies.

Her busy schedule back in 2012 prevented her from testifying for her negligent actions in Libya, and when the time finally came for her to answer for her role in the death of four Americans in Benghazi, she fainted and was diagnosed a few days later with a concussion. A concussion that delayed her from answering for her actions. A concussion, might I add, that no one witnessed because she was “alone at her home in Washington.” It just seems too convenient, doesn’t it?

Chalk that up to the right-wing conspiracy board if you’d like, but what about all those emails? Were those forgotten about because of a concussion too?

Here’s a quick summary of the past few years in investigating this scandal.

1. Hillary said she never used a private server, but a server was found.

2. Hillary insisted that there was no classified material in the emails, but the FBI found emails with classified information

3. Hillary claimed that she never used an extra server for her private email, but BlackBerry phones were discovered

4. Hillary Clinton said she never tampered with anything, but phones were smashed with hammers and servers were wiped with bleachbit.

After all of her lies were factually reduced, our former secretary of state resorted to blaming the concussion. The fainting/dehydrating incident somehow made her forget that ‘C’ means classified. Not only that, but according to CNN and The Washington Post, she “speculated [the letter ‘C’] was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.” And on top of that lie, Clinton stated she was never debriefed on handling classified material, despite official government documents factually proving otherwise.

Here is where this entire scandal gets even more confusing. Clinton now insists that she “made a mistake using [her] personal email [and that] it’s time to move on.” Yep, you read that correctly! Mrs. Clinton, if you made a mistake as you just confessed (most recently during the presidential debate on September 26), why did you not ‘fess up in the first place? Oh wait, that’s right, the “concussion.”

On the topic of memory and logic issues, the National Resource Center for Traumatic Brain Injury reports that “70% of TBI [victims] continue to experience memory problems 1 year post injury.” In defense of Clinton, perhaps she does truly fall into the unfortunate category of the remaining 30 percent with a longer period of memory loss. Maybe it is that out of control concussion. In that case, since she can not maintain national security or tell the truth, she should be receiving help.

Again, for the audience screaming conspiracy because MSNBC, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and the left-leaning media have trained you to do so, here is more to consider.

When the release of Clinton’s pneumonia made national headlines, it presented another question: was she dodging another bullet?

Half of Trump’s voters were recently labeled by Clinton as “a basket of deplorables” and Hillary, who was meant to discuss this more in depth during the 9/11 memorial, became overheated on a windy, 76 degree day and had to leave. Convenience card? Maybe.

In her defense, Clinton eventually answered and corrected her “grossly generalistic” statement (as she called it). However, she managed to undo her apologetic statement a few days later by discussing that she “has no hope of wooing” Republicans interested in Trump. She’s sorry, but then, she doesn’t care. Darn that concussion.

Every fact up to this point has been about Hillary dodging bullets from her illnesses, but my final thoughts involve her convenience with the media.

Since the vast majority of major news corporations are left-leaning, Donald Trump has been ridiculed in the media day by day, while the body count has been rising. Again, yes, you read that correctly.

The Clintons have been acquiring brilliant luck over the years as their enemies seem to be mysteriously dying. To name a few people: John Ashe, Berta Caceres, John Jones, Joe Montano, Seth Conrad Rich, Victor Thorn, and Shawn Lucas. Not to mention that this is only this year!

I do not know how she is executing these plans, but it is undeniable that these deaths happened. All of the victims were protesting against the Clintons, suing them, had witnessed their crimes, etc.

If every single one of those bodies are conspiracies, then this world has truly lost it.

Do not laugh at this evidence because it is not from your precious MSNBC or NPR left-wing mainstream. Do not call this a ‘crazy conspiracy’. Do not think it is wrong to come to terms with the fact that our presidential candidate is linked to these people. Read the links! Research the victims.

Whether it is breaching national security, lying to the American people, giving false testimony, or hiding behind the media, one thing is clear: this is not a giant conspiracy. Dozens of false reports about Benghazi are not coincidences. Multiple episodes and memory-losing concussions are not coincidences. The untimely departure of people who were set to testify or accuse Hillary of major crimes are not coincidences.

Call it the world’s greatest conspiracy if you choose. The illnesses and resulting lies keep piling up. Are you “With her”? There is no way on God’s green earth that I will be.