Two Girls Soccer Athletes Commit to Play Division I Soccer


Declan Finn

Bailee Brennan smiles excitedly with her fellow teammates after an imorpant team meeting discussing the moves they need to make to win CIF, before she goes off to UCSD to play D1 soccer.

Declan Finn, Staff Writer

The Sage Creek girls soccer team has two players who committed to play Division I collegiate soccer. Sophomore Harper Hughes committed to University of Utah and senior Bailee Brennan committed to University of California, San Diego.

Division one being the most competitive division in college sports, Hughes was at first intimidated by the recruiting process.

Declan Finn
Sage Creek sophomore Harper Hughes has just recently received a scholarship to play soccer at the University of Utah.

“At the time, it scared me, but I later used it as a motivator to achieve my ultimate goal: playing division one. I am so blessed with this opportunity and am so lucky to be in the position I am in,” she said.

Hughes expressed the excitement she has for playing collegiate soccer at the University of Utah.

“I am super excited about my recent commit and am grateful to be given such an amazing opportunity,” Hughes said.

Brennan, who tore her ACL two years ago, empathizes with Hughes in regards to the hard work and dedication needed to be recruited.

“It took a lot of work and dedication especially after my injury. I always thought I was capable of playing in college, but after I tore my ACL I was extremely discouraged,” Brennan said.

After her injury, Brennan realized how far she was in the recruiting process, as many schools had already filled the open spots on the team for her graduating class.

“After training nonstop and as the season went on, things ended up falling into place and all of my hard work paid off,” Brennan commented.

Over the past few years, the girls soccer team has been the team to watch at our high school. They have been one of the hardest teams in league to beat due to their fast pace of play and sharp shooting to the back of the net. This style of play has lead them deep into the playoffs getting to the championship game once out of the past two years.

Now, this season, the girls and students of Sage Creek feel this is the year to win.

Although Hughes cannot play for Sage due to her commitment to an elite club team,  the team still feels confident that they can still jump that hurdle and get a CIF banner.

Whether or not the girls have Hughes, the team still feels confident that they can win a CIF title, and both Hughes and Brennan are excited about where their lives will go after high school.