Students Celebrate Hoopcoming with a California Snow Day

Bailey Daynes, Photography Editor

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  • Seniors Paige Loeffler and Makenna Manti are seen running, as well as slipping, through Dr. Bronner’s snow on the Wednesday of Hoopcoming week.

  • Sage Creek students jump and play in the SnoFoam during lunch on the third day of the Hoopcoming festivities.

  • Senior Cameron Grogan is pictured sprinting through the soapy snow towards her friends.

  • The well known company, Dr. Bronner’s, visited Sage Creek High School to give Californians a taste of what a real winter season looks like.

  • Juniors Andy Babcock, Maddie DeVilbiss, and Halley Light are pictured laughing and throwing the soapy snow, something most Californians do not often get to experience.

  • Seniors Shay Greaney and Makenna Manti are pictured throwing the snow in hopes of dousing their friend, Tyler Sun, in the white soap.

  • Although senior Paige Loeffler appears to be covered from head to toe in soap, she continues to laugh and smile through the event before heading to fourth period.

  • Dr. Bronner’s employees are pictured preparing for the soon-to-be event of the season.

  • ASB president, Duncan Kelly, is seen giving his fellow classmates two thumbs’ up before diving into the soapy mess.

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