Sage Creek Baseball Meets New Recruits for 2019 Season at Roster Day

Jake McAllister, STaff Writer

On Saturday, Jan. 20, the Sage Creek Baseball Program hosted its first ever Carlsbad Youth Baseball (CYB) Roster Day. Over 750 young ball players ages four to 14 came to Sage Creek High School to find out what team they are playing for in the spring season. Roster Day has become a tradition over the years and a way that allows players to meet their coaches and fellow teammates.

Ball players came throughout the day. The Roster Day began at 9 a.m. and ended at 2 p.m.. The event also included a silent auction, fungo golf, on-field batting practice, a home run derby, and food.

Guy Sabala, the Pony commissioner for CYB and current baseball coach here at Sage, worked hard to insure that Sage Creek would be the location for Roster Day this year.

“Roster Day has been held at CHS for the past decade, so it was nice to switch things up and bring the kids and their families here to Sage Creek for a change,” Sabala said. “The kids were awesome to be around, they said it was better than the last couple years at CHS,” Sabala added.

Nine year old Brett Krumwiede, who will be playing his first year in the Mustang League, plays all over the diamond. He was selected in one of the higher rounds of the CYB Draft and will be playing on the Royals come spring.

“I’m really excited, it’s going to be my first year of kid-pitch so I can’t wait to pitch and get a lot of strikeouts!” Krumwiede said.

Junior Tait Taniguchi, plays baseball for Sage Creek and he like many players, spent time helping out and working with some of the CYB kids at Roster Day.

“It was so great to be out with all the kids, I had a blast playing catch with them and just spending time with them in general, I can’t wait for next year,” Taniguchi said.