New Tutorial Program Aims to Support Student Academic Achievement


Samuel Kane

Mr. Griesbach guides students through calculus tutoring.

Bailey Daynes, Staff Writer

The last two Wednesdays at Sage Creek introduced a new program known as “tutorial” during advisory periods. If successful, the program could eventually become a staple during advisory periods here at Sage Creek High School.

Tutorial’s target purpose is to give struggling students the time to study and ask their teachers questions regarding classwork or upcoming tests without taking away from the students’ or teachers’ lunch or personal time. Rather than simply showing up to their assigned advisory class each Wednesday, students are given the freedom to attend whatever classroom they’d like in order to be productive. They are even allowed to see counselors during this period if schedule changes or other special requests are needed to be made.

“Basically, students can go to a teacher on their trimester two roster and get support from that teacher; they can do their homework in that room or if they have a question about a lesson they can work with peers in the classroom,” English teacher Danielle Nourani—who has been involved in getting the program started from the very beginning—said.

“I think it’s going to be great for a lot of students who have a lot going on in their lives but need additional support. For instance, I have a lot of students who play sports and have things going on after school, so it’s going to be great that it’s a built-in time for them,” Nourani said.

Many different students have had nothing but positive things to say about the new use of the advisory period.

“I was able to go down to the counseling office, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while, so that was definitely helpful,” senior Cameron Bickerstaff said.

“I really liked it because I just felt way more productive. I didn’t feel like I was just sitting there and wasting my time, I actually got to prepare for a math test that was the next day,” junior Catherine Meinen said.

“All of us kind of got together and just made use of time in a way that has been lacking in the normal advisory periods, and it was also more fun because you get to pick the people that you hang out with,” Meinen said.