How to be Safe on Social Media


Justin Mildenberger

A student with a private Instagram. Making sure your accounts are private on social media, will insure a safe technological footprint.

Kamden Miller, Staff Writer

In the last few years internet safety has become a huge concern for high schoolers across the world. Kids have access to anything they want at the touch of a button and, as convenient as this is, it is becoming a safety concern. Here are some tips for ways to keep safe while using social media.

  1. Use a strong password with many letters and numbers.
  2. Use a different password for each social media account.
  3. Make sure your account is private — this means people will have to request permission before seeing your account.
  4. Be selective about who you allow to follow your account or be your friend online.
  5. Make sure your software is up to date so that no viruses can make their way into your device.
  6. Don’t click on links when they pop up; often they have viruses that can hack your device or account.
  7. To get rid of anonymous/inappropriate comments, contact the site administrator and relay the problem and the unwanted comment will get taken down.
  8. Don’t tag or post about your location. Turn location settings off.
  9. Log out of your accounts when you leave the site.
  10. To avoid release of personal information, do not allow the app or website to access your contacts or photos. Often these apps will ask for permission to this information.  

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