Shadow Cats Preview

Samuel Kane, Staff Writer

Shadow Cats, the program started last year to teach middle school students about high school life, returned to Sage Creek this month. Students from Aviara Oaks, Valley, and Calavera Hills middle schools shadowed Sage Creek students for half of a school day as they deliberate between the two high school options in the district.

Students assembled in the drama room for the Shadow Cats meeting on Dec. 14, in order to prepare for when the event takes place in January.

Last year, the program was a success, leading to its return this year. The pioneer, alumnae Natalie Goins, passed on her project to younger sister, sophomore Audrey Goins.

“Shadow Cats is a really fun experience where you get to show the things you love about your school to a younger peer, in hopes that they enjoy the day so much, that they will choose Sage Creek as their high school” Audrey stated.

In addition to a fun experience, Shadow Cats offers middle schoolers an opportunity to learn about their upcoming high school lives.

“The main goal of Shadow Cats is to display all that Sage Creek has to offer in a unique way. By following a student around Sage Creek, a prospective student will fully experience what it is like to be a Bobcat” Audrey said.

Audrey expressed that the program was designed for current eighth graders who are not yet sure which high school they want to attend.

“[Current students] show you what Sage Creek has to offer. The Bobcat is also able to answer any questions you have regarding our school, and hopefully create a little bit of clarity for the prospective student,” Audrey said.