The Goods Brings a New Twist to Donuts in Carlsbad Village


Bailey Daynes

The Goods is a brand new donut shop that just opened in the heart of Carlsbad Village, known for its aesthetically pleasing design and even more delicious pastries.

Carlie Lussenden, Staff Writer

As Carlsbad Village has begun slowly shifting away from the tourist, vacation exclusive small town, more and more restaurants and shops have opened. These new places appeal to the younger and permanent restaurants of the city. Surrounded by history in the Village small places like “The Goods” have started a new era of business ventures and opportunities not yet explored in the heart of Carlsbad.

“The Goods” is a local gourmet donut and coffee shop that opened in the last few months. Owned and operated by Joseph and Jacquie Barille, the shop located on State Street, in the heart of Carlsbad Village. Being just a short walk from the local Coaster Station also makes a difference.

Bailey Daynes
Donuts provided at the shop include not only your classic glaze, but also those as unique as cinnamon roll and nutella.

The donuts themselves are handmade, as the customers are able to see the bakers in the back of the shop. Donut selection is not as vast as most run of the mill donut shops but the effort in each donut is obvious. Flavors vary from Tahitian Vanilla and Chocolate Ganache to  Strawberry Cheesecake and S’mores. Flavors like these aren’t seen in otherplaces locally. The innovation of flavors adds to the twist that “The Goods” already has done to the local pastry game.

The shop itself is very different from what is normally seen in Carlsbad, the art deco style of the store includes brick walls, blue velvet tufted seating, and marble floors. The somewhat 70s feel is a sharp contrast to what local residents typically see.


Donuts and coffee are a staple in many American’s mornings and many stay loyal to a certain place, but the addition of “The Goods” in Carlsbad changes the game. The aesthetic that places like the Barille’s have created are seen in major cities, or larger than Carlsbad Village. Though shops like these are seen often in bigger cities, the dedication of the local people will most likely bring a lot of success. “The Goods” has brought a big city idea to small coastal hub and created a market for it.

Places similar in feel to “The Goods” have been popping up all around, especially on State Street. Campfire, for example is a restaurant that attracts a lot of young people, with smaller sharing dishes and a big city vibe, “The Goods” fits right in with places like this. The Barille’s are smart to open a shop with a modern twist, as The Village is changing to something more appealing to young people, a transition from a tourist heavy town is shifting, as Carlsbad and surrounding cities are heading for modernization. Construction around The Village is constant and “The Goods” has made great headway into changing the city into something possibly for the better.