What High Schoolers are Actually Wearing: Winter 2017

Kamden Miller and Paige Loeffler

As the temperature drops, the fashion across Sage Creek’s campus changes from flip flops and tank tops shorts to sweaters and Uggs. With winter approaching, you may want some inspiration to stay cute while staying warm. Featuring some of Sage Creek’s best dressed, these students know how to beat out the frigid weather.

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  • Senior Nick Miyamoto flashes his style top to bottom with white 'clout' glasses, a striped long sleeve, a dark jean jacket, khaki pants and white high top Converse. Nick also wears Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.

  • Junior Skylar Johnson rocks a retro colorful button down that she ties with baggy faded blue jeans. She adds accessories like a big black belt, checkered Vans, red old school glasses and a silver chain. She gets the majority of her clothes from other vendors when they swap back and forth on Depop. Check out her shop on Depop! https://www.depop.com/scaryskylar

  • Junior Titus Washington dresses to impress with a denim on denim look, bringing it back to the 80s. Washington's favorite spots to shop are thrift stores including The DAV in Oceanside.

  • Sophomore Sarah Ewers rocks her flawlessly coordinated blue scheme. Ewers enjoys wearing whatever she feels is comfortable and looks good. Her prefered stores include places such as Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Thrift Stores, and Target.

  • Junior Avalon Call displays a black off the shoulder shirt with a black denim zip up skirt. She enjoys shopping at stores such as Asos, Urban Outfitters and Flashbacks.

  • Senior Charlotte Dowson pairs a classic black short sleeve v-neck and ripped slim light wash jeans. She enjoys shopping at Urban, Nordstrom, Pacsun, Madewell, Supreme, and Brixton.

  • Senior Thai Mathes serves looks similar to John Bender from "The Breakfast Club." Mathes enjoys online shopping for most of his finds.

  • Senior Sophia Gonzalez wears an intricately designed off-white sweater paired and dark jeans. With her hair in a top-knot, Gonzalez is ready to fight the upcoming winter weather.

  • Junior Ben Horn effortlessly pairs a summer look with a faux fur jacket. In addition to thrift shops, Horn’s favorite stores include Urban Outfitters and Pacsun. Horn tries on his outfits to “see if they match” and advises us to “be whoever you want and dress however you want.”

  • Junior Sasha Lukas effortlessly matches three denim items. Lukas finds his favorite pieces among Instagram stores, Depop, and thrift stores. He believes people should wear whatever they want.

  • Junior Sophia Parks shows off her street style while featuring the band Kiss on her t-shirt under her corduroy jacket. Her favorite spots to shop are ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and H&M.

  • Junior Madisyn Goerlitz rocks ripped boyfriend jeans, a black halter crop top, a loose flannel, and tops the outfit off with checkered vans. “Always look good in case in case you run into a celebrity,” Madisyn advises.

  • Junior Aidan Sybrandy wears a white striped t-shirt, brown pants, and a black denim jacket decorated with various buttons. He claims “the cheaper the better so when [clothes] break down it adds character."

  • Senior Abby Younger poses in a stripped off the shoulder top with skinny blue jeans, and ties it all together with a brown belt. She says, "when you can, it’s better to mix lights with darks”.

  • Junior Lily Darrie shows off her long sleeve v-neck shirt with her slim high waisted jeans. She pairs it with a black belt and mary janes from Urban Outfitters. Most often, she gets her inspiration from fashion magazines.

  • Junior Jacobo Navarro defeats the dropping temperatures by layering a windbreaker with a Diamond Co. hoodie. Navarro usually gets his clothes from The Outlets and the newly renovated Shoppes at Carlsbad. “Don’t be afraid to be different and get out of your comfort zone,” Navarro shared.

  • Junior Karlee Silva wears a cropped knitted tank with high waisted boyfriend jeans and black slip ons. She states that, "you should dress for yourself and not to impress anyone else."

  • Sophomore Sydney Ahrendt, expresses her cute yet comfortable style with pieces from Urban Outfitters and Nordstroms. While making sure to avoid clashing patterns Ahrendt reminds students to ¨always dress comfortably."

  • Senior Sofie Troya adorably pairs flared black blouse with distressed jeans, all black shoes, and a messy bun. Troya shares that, "people should express themselves through their clothes." She shops at thrift stores like the DAV, Free People, and SWELL.

  • Senior Brett Paulson wears blue jeans, a black belt, a cozy teal turtle neck, and tops it off with a beige jacket and black high top Converse. Brett advises others to not spend too much money on clothes, as he personally likes to thrift. His favorite store to thrift at the Valley Thrift Store in escondido.

  • Senior Amber DeRoze struts her stuff in a sassy black on black look. She completes the look with a black cap. She would advise other to not mix two patterns or bold colors.

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