Senior Grad Night Now on Hornblower Cruise


Photo provided by Wikimedia Commons

The Hornblower cruising in San Diego. Seniors will be aboard the Hornblower on grad night.

Grad Night is a PTSA sponsored event for seniors after graduation. In previous years, the Carlsbad Unified School District has had their grad nights at theme parks, but this year Sage Creek’s grad night will take place on a cruise.

“In years past, students have gone to Disneyland or another theme park, but all the theme parks this year have chosen to do all their grad nights a few weeks prior to our graduation,” Andrea Williams, PTSA chairperson, stated.

Due to the change in events, they had to find another place to host grad night.

“This year’s grad night is going to take place on a hornblower cruise,” Williams said.

On June 14, seniors will return to campus after graduation at 9:30 PM, from there they will go down  to San Diego where they will be aboard the Hornblower Cruise until 5:30 AM.

“It includes food and drinks, there’ll be a dj, and there’ll be a casino style game setup on the boat,” Williams said.

Those are just a few of the amenities that the cruise has to offer.

“It is exclusive… for seniors, so the boat will only be Sage Creek seniors,” Williams said.

The 2018 Grad Night will take place after graduation, it will be on a Hornblower cruise and will have many activities.