Sage Creek High Schools Hosts Third Annual Computer Drive for Underprivileged Students


Photo by Amanda Klein

A woman is ecstatic to receive her ticket to get a computer.

Jake McAllister, Staff Writer

On October 25, Sage Creek High School hosted the organization called “Computers to San Diego Kids.” It was the third time the organization has come to Sage Creek.

Led by Spanish teacher Daniel Kramár, refurbished computers were sold to underprivileged families all throughout San Diego County. Volunteers refurbished the computers that were donated to the program, and the computers were sold for as cheap as $80. These families had

to apply for the computers, and over 150 computers were sold.

Kramár previously taught in the Escondido School District at San Pasqual High School. There, he helped to distribute the computers to underprivileged children and their families throughout that community. In 2014, Kramár began teaching at Sage Creek and noticed that Carlsbad Unified School District did not have the same program that Escondido Unified School District had.   

“When I first came to Carlsbad, I asked around to see if it was happening here and it wasn’t, so I called [the school district] and asked if they would do a distribution here,” Kramár said.

Photo by Amanda Klein
A line wraps outside of the art classroom as people wait to get their tickets.

When each computer was being refurbished, the volunteers installed the computers with multiple learning apps and Microsoft Office. Kramár also provided Sage Creek students with an opportunity to earn volunteer service hours for staying after school and helping set up for the families that arrived.

“Every year I have students help out that want to receive service hours and they help me sort of direct traffic towards the classroom and get [the families] to the right place” Kramár said.

The classroom that this event was being held in, was art teacher Megan Herrick’s classroom in the 5000 building.

“It was really rewarding to see that, the line was out the door and there were families here with their kids, the kids were super excited that they were going to get a computer” Herrick said.

The parents were excited as well. The event was focused on less fortunate families, so parents that were getting their kid a computer were relieved when they received their refurbished computer.

“The look on most of the parents faces was relief, and seemed very excited too” Herrick said.

Sophomore Nick Muller, helped set up Herrick’s room and helped guide the families to the right spot. He was humbled by the event and by all the families that arrived for their computers.

“It was awesome to see and to be apart of, all the kids were smiling and the parents were stoked too. This organization does amazing things and I’m glad I was able to be apart of it,” Muller concluded.