Theatre Releases “Footloose” Cast


Reilly Cornwall

A copy of the script for Sage Creek’s upcoming performance of the musical Footloose.

Paige Loeffler and MaKenna Manti

This Halloween, Sage Creek High School’s Theatre Department held auditions for this year’s upcoming play, “Footloose”. It is the first Sage Creek play without the class of 2017. As students waited for results, “Footloose” advisors Jill Porter and Sarah Hunter were busy putting together the final casting. With the help of senior Sadie Holdaway on piano, the auditions were finished and participants  patiently waited for the cast list to be posted.

After a couple of days, the cast list came out.

Senior Max Pedrazzani landed the main role of “Ren,” the new kid at a small, rural high school.

“I was completely ecstatic when I heard I got the main lead in the play, I am really excited about this year’s cast and I cannot wait to see the final product,” Pedrazzani said.

Junior Avalon Call, as “Ariel,” is the Priest’s daughter who is interested in “Ren.” Years before them, teenagers died in a car crash, and as a result, the town made all dancing illegal. In a passionate and motivational message by Call, this year’s musical “will hopefully be inspirational and funny.”

When casting, Hunter was happy about the amount of talent Sage Creek students brought to the play.

“[It] was a tough time casting the lead roles because there was just so much talent this year,” Hunter said. “It is not the worst problem to have and it was a great experience for me and I hope it was the same for students,” Hunter said.

The official cast list can be found on the Sage Creek website.

“Footloose” will air from Feb. 22 to Feb. 24. Students will have rehearsal most days leading to the final performance.