A Freshman’s Guide to Surviving Finals


Kyle Turner

Freshman Class Working

Makenna Manti, Staff Reporter

Being a freshman is scary as it is but, being a freshman and having to take your first set of finals is even scarier. With these tips and tricks, freshmen will be on their way to success with their first set of finals approaching this week.

#1:  This one is pretty obvious but, study study study! Make flashcards to get prepared for the upcoming finals and make different Quizlets to memorize all those tricky concepts.

#2: Get a full eight hours of sleep before the day of finals. Senior Riley Arsenault  has learned from experience that sleep does, in fact, help with focusing and getting better grades.¨ When I was a freshman, I hated sleeping, but I listened to my parents and got a full eight hours of sleep and was more focused than ever,¨ she said.

#3: Don’t stress!  Stress can be the biggest deterrent to doing well on finals.

#4: Find a tutor to help you study the materials you get stuck on. Teachers are more than willing to help students with questions after school or after class. Don’t be afraid to ask. The tutoring schedule is available on the SCHS website.

#5: Eat healthy the day before. According to a recent study by Varsity Tutors, “Students with less healthy diets performed markedly lower on assessment tests than did students consuming healthy diets.”

#6:Be proactive. Try to raise your grade up before the final. “It’s always good to have a solid grade going into finals so if you don’t do so well your grade won’t fluctuate as much,” senior Christian Mitchell said.

To conclude, finals are nothing to stress about, just follow these tips and tricks to get you through finals week.