Lego Ninjago Isn’t Worth Your Money


Kyle Turner and Samuel Kane

One of the two different Big Logos Promoting the new Lego Movie

Darius Rahmanian, Staff Reporter

Chances are, if you have a little sibling or a cousin who enjoys the enticements of Lego, then they probably have had one or two Lego Ninjago sets. Starting in 2012, Lego Ninjago was the hottest new toy around, and it would stay that way, at least for Lego anyhow.

For the past five years Lego Ninjago constantly outsells other Lego themes and has even built up a significant fan following. Both young and old flock to enjoy the six Lego Ninja and their journey throughout their bricky world. This blocky world has been built one brick at a time with the succeedingly successful Lego Ninjago TV show, in which the six ninja go on world spanning adventures fighting that seasons Lego Set tie in.

So with the success of the now beloved “ Lego Movie”, where could Lego go with their wondrous creation? Thats right, the silver screen.

After last year’s somewhat charming take on Lego Batman, Warner Brothers began to market their new enterprise. The Lego Ninjago Movie follows the basics of the Lego Ninjago TV show, however, it has shifted its focus from all six ninjas to Lord Garmadon’s (the recurring/original villain) son, Lloyd. Lloyd is your average,all powerful son-of-the-bad-guy-who-is-actually-good, and yes he comes with pre-packaged daddy issues. The rest of the movie is what you would expect from the yearly, formulaic Lego themed movies.

The main problem I have is that the movie is neither exceedingly good nor exceedingly bad. It’s just one of those “meh” movies that can tie you down with some alright animation and some very out of the ordinary visual gags. It has lost the childish and pristine story telling the original Lego Movie offered to audiences.

This constant stream of potential Lego theme movies could eventually enter into a Call of Duty or Marvel Studios-like existence, preying on the undeveloped minds of children to spend their cash on succeedingly more mediocre movies with yearly releases. It would be like the Shrodinger’s cat of movie franchises, never bad, never good, but you won’t know till you fork over the cash.

I would highly recommend waiting until you can stream this one on Netflix or get it cheap at your local retailer.

Final Score: 6/10

Final Verdict: The Lego Ninjago can service anyone with a decent time and the animation and humor can still hold a little credit. However, this one is not recommended to buy or watch at full price unless you truly are a diehard Ninjago fan.