The Detention Room Seeks Redemption in Flag Football Tournament


Staff Photo by Gavin Graff

The Detention Room leads a group cheer during the Oct. 13 pep rally.

Gavin Graff, Staff Reporter

Sage Creek’s teacher team, The Detention Room, is preparing to try and take the annual flag football champion title away from the students tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 20. Students are going to battle it out to decide which team will play the teachers starting at 3:30 pm.

Team “Easy Dub,” with captains Bennett Trask and Samuel Ginn, will not play in the first round because of the odd number of student teams. This was decided after last Friday´s competition during the pep rally where the winner was awarded to skip the first round of the tournament.

ASB´s adviser Danny Kung has confirmed that there will be three vendors during the flag football tournament, including Knockout Pizza, Rita´s Italian Ice, and The Baked Bear ice cream sandwiches.

He also commented on the teachers’ chances during the final game against the students.

“It’s a new year, it’s a new team, new outcome,” Kung said.

However, Moosemen team captain Ethan Schafer, a junior, is not worried at all if his team plays in the final game against the teachers.

“I think that it will be easy competition because the teachers are up against fast and agile athletes. If we play to our best ability and not get carried away with the fact that we are playing the teachers, then we will win easily,” Schafer said.