Chromebooks Receive New Homepage


Morgan Mayorga

Student scrolls through The Sage website.

Jake McAllister, Staff Writer

After years of opening up their computers to see Clever, The Sage News website is now the first thing Sage Creek students see after opening the Chrome browser on school-issued Chromebooks. The Sage requested for the district to make this change as a way to engage more viewers on the site.

Junior Bryant Kitisin, a reporter for The Sage, explained this change.

“As a journalism class, we decided that we wanted to change the homepage so the students can be more exposed to our website,” Kitisin said.

Right off the bat, students have the opportunity to browse through everything that The Sage website entails, which includes News, Sports, Entertainment, Feature, Opinion, and Multimedia pieces.

Senior Laurenne Oliver has gone to Sage Creek all four of her years in highschool, and she was pleased with the change of the chromebook’s homepage.

“With The Sage website being on the screen first, I actually have read some articles and have looked through most of the site, it’s way better than the old iBoss,” Oliver said.

People who never expected themselves to read articles published on The Sage are becoming regular readers due to the exposure that The Sage has gotten from replacing iBoss.

“At first I didn’t really notice, but the more I signed into my CUSD account, I realized that it was different and that it is The Sage, since then I actually have started reading an article per day — so yeah I’m glad that it’s the new homepage,” junior Sammie Amezcua said.

Teachers have noticed the change, as well. AP English and yearbook teacher Rachel Merino-Ott said her students pointed out the new homepage during class.

“I think that it was a clever idea. Representation matters. Opening up to The Sage will draw more readers in as they find interesting and eye-catching stories,” Merino-Ott said.

With The Sage being the new homepage of the chromebooks, viewers and readers of the site are expected to rise. Staff writers of the journalism class hope that their pieces get a wider audience and that their stories can reach out and draw in new readers.