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Madison Young

Madison Young , Fun Director for The Sage, funnest gal around

Madison Young, Staff Writer

Despite the fact that I happen to be an extremely dysfunctional and constantly confused individual, I have the desire to help other people who may just be as dysfunctional and/or confused as I am (throughout my writing, you will notice that self-deprecating humor will most likely be a common reoccurrence). I would not recognize myself as a “basic teenager,” however the truth is I am pretty average when it comes to the rest of the student population here at Sage Creek High School.

Through all three of my years at Sage so far, I’ve participated in activities I both love and excel at in the hopes that it will lead me to studies and careers that I’ll enjoy and find success in. This list of extracurriculars includes (but is not limited to) field hockey, cross country, drama, and ASB. Currently I am a part of the track and field distance team and the journalism writing staff, as well.

I plan to answer questions ranging from school courses to relationship advice; really, I will try to answer whatever questions you have that I am capable of answering. The advice series that I am constructing is intended to give the best and most beneficial advice to any human that is a part of our Bobcat Nation. If you happen to have any questions that you want answers to or are needing some “sage” advice, please email your questions or concerns to [email protected]