Leucadia Pizza By the Beach Review


Photos taken by Christopher Kathman

A large kitchen for preparing the delicious italian menu.

Jade Huynh, Staff Writer

Photo taken by Christopher Kathman
The new Leucadia pizza is under construction, but is still open.

Upon first walking through the pizzeria, the first thing that greeted me was the overpowering smell of greasy pizza… and a long line. The restaurant, surprisingly busy on a weeknight, was quick to take orders as well as deliver. Above the cash register, there is an endless amount of dishes offered on the menu, making my decision for take out a lot harder. After finally deciding on a vegetarian pizza, I submitted my order and moved to the front of the store to wait for my pizza.

Due to its small size, the restaurant is convenient for quick and easy take out, leaving no room for sit-ins, especially with the construction currently taking place.

Photo taken by Christopher Kathman
A mouthwatering example of their primary product.

Eventually, my order was called and I headed out the door, mentally wishing other customers good luck with the line. When I got to the car, I opened the box and was greeted with a heavy smell of tomato and herbs. The vegetarian pizza consisted of sliced black olives, slices of mushroom, green bell peppers, small pieces of onion, and thinly cut zucchini, all sprinkled on top of a thin layer of cheese and tomato sauce. Just as I took the first bite, the pizza gave off a savory taste that left the impression that it was made with fresh ingredients. The pizza had a light fluffy crust that complemented the fresh tasting vegetables, creating a fulfilling dinner.

Although, this particular pizzeria is on the pricier side, the fresh ingredients and the convenient location make the restaurant a place worth visiting.