MLB Playoff Hunt Preview

The hunt for the Pennant


Staff Photo by Bryant Kitisin

Petco Park filling up during the MLB All-Star Game in 2016

Bryant Kitisin, Staff Writer

Fans of the Indians, Astros, Nationals, and Dodgers have a sense of security knowing their teams made it to the divisional series of the playoffs. For fans of the Diamondbacks, Red Sox, or Yankees, their teams have made it to the playoffs, but they could fall victim to the one and done wild card games. And for the fans of the Cubs, Twins, Rockies, Brewers, and Cardinals, their teams might not even make it to October.

The American league teams are battling it out for the last wild card spot. The Yankees took one of two spots, leaving Minnesota, Anaheim, Kansas City, Texas, and Tampa Bay to scramble for the last spot.

Currently, the Twins are in possession for that spot, with a three game lead over the Angels who are right behind them. Minnesota’s final games are a trip to division leader Indians and a home stand against Detroit who is at the bottom of the Central Division. Four of these games won or three losses from the Angels must occur to keep their position in the standings.

The Angels, Royals, Rangers, and Rays are hoping for a losing skid for the Twins. Two games must be lost by the Twins just to keep Tampa Bay and Kansas City in contention. The chances for these teams are very slim but drastic changes could be made in the standings in the next couple of games.

The National League Wild Card race is much smaller with three teams in the hunt.

Currently, the Rockies are controlling the second wild card spot. They sit two games over the Brewers who trail them in the standings. Their final games are part of their homestand where they will host the Marlins and the Dodgers starting Monday. Both series are crucial if the Rockies want to have a postseason berth. Head-to-head, the Rockies are 0-3 while scoring only nine runs in that span. Against the Dodgers, they are 9-7 while taking two series wins and two series ties.

Milwaukee is trailing Colorado by two games as they approach the end of the regular season. They will host be hosting a series against Cincinnati and travel down to St. Louis for their final games. The Brewers need to take advantage of playing last place Cincinnati and to be geared up against St. Louis who is in the same position as them. St. Louis will be playing division leader Chicago Cubs before the Milwaukee series.

The regular season is coming to a close and the playoff hunt is cooking up. Many teams are battling it out for the last spots of of the playoffs where it might just come down to the last game.

Clinched Division

  • Cleveland
  • Houston
  • Washington
  • Los Angeles

Clinched Spot

  • Arizona
  • Boston
  • New York

In The Hunt

  • Chicago
  • Minnesota
  • Colorado
  • Milwaukee
  • St. Louis
  • Colorado