New Teachers on Campus

Darius Rahmanian, Staff Writer

Every year as of now, Sage Creek has hired new teachers. This year, the school welcomes, Spanish teacher Lacey Hungerford and math teacher Madison McLean to Sage Creek. They previously joined the staff before as long-term substitute teachers and, for the 2017-2018 school year,  solidified their aliases with the students here at Sage Creek.

Cristian Johnson
Hungerford passes out papers to her class

“The teaching staff here is amazing and the students are amazing and genuine. They work very hard and it is a pleasure to teach these students compared to other districts I have taught at so far,” McLean said. 

Along with McLean, Sage Creek introduced its newest Spanish teacher, Hungerford, who teaches Spanish 2-A and 2-B. Hungerford elaborated on her adaptability in new teaching environments.

“I would say I’m new to teaching on the trimester system, and for me as a teacher, it’s getting to know a lot of students throughout the year and developing these relationships while keeping up with the pace,” Hungerford said.

These two new additions to Sage Creek are both enthused to be teaching and further growing their bonds with their students and fellow teachers.