Traffic: What can you do?

A new perspective on an old problem: Traffic


Photo by Robert Berrarducci

Traffic in the mornings has proven to be challenging to students and parents alike.

We all know full well that traffic coming in and out of the school campus is bad. As someone that lives just two miles up the hill from the school, my own morning commute is extended from what should be a quick 5 minute drive, to a quick 5 minute drive with 10 minutes of waiting in line slapped in.

With about 1300 students coming on campus every morning, one can imagine that things would start to congest. Mrs. Pamela Doze, a campus supervisor and traffic director, estimates that approximately “800 to 900 cars are coming in each morning.”

Our campus supervisors do an amazing job getting people through the route in the mornings and afternoons. However, the problem still persists, and unfortunately, there is not much more the school can do about it.

Due to the fact that there is only one way on and off the school campus, the Sage Creek community has been inevitably condemned to sit in long lines of cars since the day our school was built. Unless we make a change.

As a community, there are a couple of ways that we could alleviate some of this two-lane traffic pain. The most drastic of which is to simply build a new road onto campus, thus creating a new flow into the system. This option, however, is not much of an option, considering it would cost thousands, if not millions, of tax dollars and would likely end up having to be built overtop of ecological preserves we have in the area.

So what else can we do?

Simple… change the routine.

If we as a community would commit to taking intentional steps toward avoiding this beast of a problem, this whole fiasco would dissipate rapidly.

Just think about it, having a carpool would imply that there are three students or four students per car instead of one or two, and could could cut the number of cars trudging through in half.

Leaving your house 5-10 minutes earlier could mean that you get on campus 15-20 minutes earlier, simply because of how large the influx of students coming in can be right before school starts.

Finally, finding an alternative means to school as opposed to driving could greatly reduce the number of cars coming in. Riding a bike or walking to school, depending on your proximity to the school, may even make your commute faster. This is true for me personally, simply because I can bypass all waiting and bike on past the enormous wave of cars.

So in the end, yeah, traffic sucks. The only question is: what are YOU going to do about it?