Prom 2017

Kylie Valency, Feature Editor

Four years in the planning, a controversial location and a childhood theme all finally came together Saturday May 20, at Sage Creek’s first ever prom.

Prom was held at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park with the theme “Remember who you are” from “The Lion King.” The park was decorated with lights, blasted with music, and had an endless amount of things to do.

“I think everyone was feeling a little iffy about the location, but now that we are all here it was definitely a great choice,” senior Sean Cooke said.

Photographer: Kylie Valency

Among the things to do there was a carousel, photobooth, flipbooks, a dj, and many food options such as popcorn, ice cream, fruit, vegetables, and quesadillas.

“I think there’s a lot of cool ambiance [with] the lights and stuff. The music choices were also very good with the fog they were shooting out,” Brittni Bates, a senior attendee, noted.

Along with the first prom came the first Prom Royalty.

“It’s a really good experience, like having my name on the ballot. Just because it made me feel like I was apart of something, or the beginning of something,” Avery Johnson, one of the nominees, expressed.

The feeling of being a part of something was mutual for Prom Royalty winners, seniors Sean Cooke and Julia Zueck.

Photographer: Kylie Valency

“[Being the first ever prom royalty] feels pretty special because of course when you are going through it you can only guess that it is only plausible for you to make it, but hearing it from everyone and their reaction was great,” Cooke stated.

Through all the dancing, music, and laughter Prom was full of firsts which helped to captivate the idea of  “Remembering who you are.”

“It felt really nice to be supported by my peers, it felt really inclusive, and I felt really happy emotions going around through the night,” Bates concluded.