Jamal Brewer: The Triple Threat

Skylar Hughes

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Prom Royalty
May 8, 2017

Sterling Southerland

Coach Jamal Brewer holds open the door for his team before going to an away meet.

Three-sport athletes are rare enough. But three-sport coaches are somewhat of an anomaly. Jamal Brewer is both.

Brewer arrived at Sage Creek for the first time in 2013, wide-eyed but flashing his signature smile. Per request of Coach Jacob Feiring, Brewer was enlisted to help start the cross country and track programs from the ground up. At just 20 years of age, Brewer took on roughly 50 freshman runners, training them in his specialties: sprinting and jumping.

Fast forward four years and he has become a welcomed addition to the wrestling program, a staple in the track program, and the head coach of the girl’s field hockey program. And yes, he had absolutely zero field hockey experience when he took the job. All he knew was that they needed a coach, and that’s something he seems to be good at.

“That season was quite the experience. It was my first time as a head coach, their first time with a senior class, and this was the first year as a varsity program. And I knew nothing about the sport,” Brewer laughed.

The season turned out to be a learning experience more than anything. It began with Brewer scrambling to learn the most basic logistics about the sport, and ended with coaching experience that he will carry with him for years to come.

“He definitely took the challenge in stride and made the season fun for us,” varsity field hockey player and senior Clarissa Birmingham said.

His experience coaching wrestling was almost laughably the opposite. Brewer is somewhat of a prodigy when it comes to wrestling, as his first and only year competing in high school, he won a bid to the state tournament.

“[Wrestling] has always come really natural to me, so I was able to help the team almost immediately when I stepped on,” Brewer enthused.

The Sage Creek wrestling team enjoyed its most successful year yet, being invited to the CIF team’s championship, and sending players to Masters for the first time.

“He’s one of the few coaches who leads by example, so when we would do things like conditioning, he would be right there with us, leading us along,” varsity wrestler and senior Michael Schnese expressed.

His “kind but firm” nature is loved by all who are coached by him, but especially by his track and field athletes. As track requires an abundance of mental toughness and grit, many Bobcat track athletes have benefited from his coaching style.

“He’s an outstanding coach and there’s no doubt that he loves what he’s doing, so it makes for a fun atmosphere,” track athlete and senior Jacob Uhl said.

Brewer not only gifts Sage Creek students with his athletic knowledge, but also has shared his beliefs with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club.

“I love when he comes and talks to us, because he’s so friendly and can always help you out with anything you need,” junior Emma McHale, member of FCA said.

Brewer has become a familiar face all over campus, often referred to as a “legend,” especially to the seniors who haven’t known their high school experience without him.

“I’ve learned a lot of things from Jamal, but the biggest thing is just to be grateful for what I have, and that whatever sport you’re playing, you need to appreciate it because it won’t last forever,” Uhl said.

Whether it be scripture or long-jump technique, Brewer brings an unparalleled passion to all that he does, and Sage Creek is undoubtedly lucky to have him.