Dance Show Review

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Jennifer Baxter

Sage Creek´s Dance Company prepares for one of their first performances.

At the last Sage Creek dance performance of 2017, many dancers had a blast participating in it, especially the freshman and sophomores in Dance I- who had not performed all year.

There are also seniors that participated in their last show, and were very excited for it. However, seniors were also sad because it was their last dance and last time to leave a legacy for the school.

Senior Leanne McIntee, one of the dancers in the show and the captain of the dance team, has been participating and helping out since day one, and she was very excited to present the dance to everyone.

“The thing I [was] most excited for in the show is watching all the pieces come together. I’ve been a part of all the numbers except one. From being [apart of] the choreography, or helping clean, or being in it: it has all been really fun… I [was] especially excited to see it all on stage with the lights, the music and all of that stuff because it brings it all to life for the audience,” McIntee said.

Jennifer Baxter
Dance II takes the stage to perform one of the final numbers of the year.

Jackie Weiss, the substitute for Katie Chrisman, was also proud to have McIntee by her side as they coached all levels to perform at their highest caliber.

“For this particular concert, Leanne has been very helpful. She’s Chrisman’s TA and has been a driving force herself in getting this concert moving; so I’d like to thank Leanne very much,” Weiss stated.

Each year, the dancers have been choreographing very emotional pieces that tell an interesting story. For example, last year, the dancers choreographed a dance with the song “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver that told a captivating story about acceptance to oneself. They also did one this year about self harm. They try telling controversial stories with dance, which really makes their show empowering.

“I’m going to miss the girls and the connection we have as a team. Every year our really big emotional piece [brings us] closer to each other; having that connection with a bunch of people and being a big family is going to be really hard to lose,” McIntee said.

Weiss was also very excited for the show as well and believed that it would be a great success. In addition to her senior captain, McIntee, she was grateful to have Julianna Quinones by her side throughout the process.

“Mrs. Quinones and I have been working as a team to have the students develop their choreography so it can be presented on-stage. We’ve got everything from Hip Hop to Lyrical, Musical Theatre, so it’s a lot of variety,” Weiss commented. “The students have grown a lot from the beginning place where they started to their development of their own dances and beyond. It’s a starting point for a lot of these students who will be professional people in their future,” she said.

Olivia Mejia, a sophomore on the dance team, said that she was also very excited to be part of this show because she got to dance and have fun with her friends.

“I love performing on stage and especially with a great group of talented girls and friends that I love,” Mejia said.