Prom Royalty

Skylar Hughes

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Prom Royalty

Sage Creek’s first ever prom is taking place on Saturday, May 20 at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Voting for prom royalty will take place in the upcoming weeks.

“We will vote the week of prom, so Monday through Wednesday students will submit their top two nominees. We will tally on Thursday, have students vote again on Friday, and then we will announce the two winners at prom,” ASB advisor Danny Kung said.

The winners will be two senior students, regardless of gender. Although both juniors and seniors are allowed to vote, only seniors may win.

“We are calling it royalty instead of king and queen because if by chance two women or two men won, we want to make it so it’s open enough so anyone can win no matter their identity,” ASB vice president Jules Garner stated.

ASB has decided to follow the lead of other schools throughout the country who have chosen to implement the idea of a “royalty” instead of a “court.” As 2017 marks Sage Creek’s first ever prom, ASB hopes to establish this tradition for years to come.