Gold Ribbon Schools

May 9, 2017

Our neighbouring Carlsbad middle schools, Aviara Oaks and Calavera Hills, have been the recipient of the California Department of Education’s Gold Ribbon Award.

According to an email sent by Aviara Oaks, Principal, Dr. Bryan Brockett, the two middle schools are “two of 275 middle and high schools statewide, and two of just seven middle school [recipients] in San Diego County.”

Amy Benkovich
Aviara Oaks Middle School’s Principal, Dr. Bryan Brockett and Assistant Principal Ms. Kimberly Fuentes stand proudly outside their middle school.

The Gold Ribbon is an award given to middle schools and high schools in the California state that are eligible by having 4 qualities; (1) having the correct grade levels, (2) have an adequate number of year in operation, (3) test results that meet or exceed standards average is above the national average and (4) have sanction status.

“We have an incredible team at CHMS that has helped create innovative and engaging opportunities on and off campus,” Calavera principal, Michael Ecker said while talking about the aftermath of receiving this award.

Among the Carlsbad Unified School District, all three major middle schools: Aviara Oaks, Calavera Hills and Valley Middle School along with both major high schools: Carlsbad and Sage Creek High School are eligible to be a recipient of this award. This award is also something that the principals of the school apply to receive.

In discussing  what the Gold Ribbon Award means to him and the Aviara Oaks community, Dr. Brockett said that the “Gold Ribbon award is a validation of all of the hard work that is done by our staff and students, as well as the outstanding support of our families in the community.”

The work for a school is never really done once you receive an award.

“Enjoy the recognition when it comes, but the work of making the AOMS experience a great one for each of our students never ends,” Dr. Brockett said.

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