Using the Genius Project to Leave a Legacy

Beau Prince

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Patrick Hanlon

Heather Feldmann is all smiles after working on two Genius Projects.

Every senior has a Genius Project to complete. Most of the class has spent the better part of this school year trying to bring their project to fruition. Sticking out from among them is Heather Feldmann.

For Feldmann’s genius project, she organized a soccer camp for elementary and middle school-age children called “Universal Play.” The camp was staffed by fellow classmates and went off seemingly without a hitch over the summer. Even Feldmann herself described the camp as “successful.”

Following the conclusion of the camp, as far as the genius project is concerned, her project was complete before the school year even started. But although she had nothing more to do than slowly start to chip away at making her presentation for her project, Feldmann instead chose to put more on her plate and take on a second project, something no other student has done so far.

“I [was a] TA during Mrs. Myers’ genius project prep period, so she’s doing genius project stuff every day and so am I during that period,” Feldmann said. “So it was like, ‘Hey I have another opportunity to work on another project every day if I want to.'”

For her second project, Feldmann chose to change the name of the portion of Cannon Road that the school sits on to “Bobcat Way.” Feldmann noticed during this past soccer season that many high schools around San Diego county have a road named after them and saw a need to bring that to Sage Creek.

“When [the team] would go to other schools, they would always have a street–like at Oceanside…they have Pirates Cove, or at Carlsbad they Lancer Way, and when I drive through San Marcos, they have Knight’s Realm, and I [thought], I want our school to have something like that,” the senior said.

Understandably, changing the name of a road is a serious undertaking, involving working with the city of Carlsbad in order to make the name change official. Luckily, Feldmann saw an opportunity to help get this process underway.

“I’m friends with someone whose mother works for the city, so I was able to email her and she was able to steer me in the right direction to start the process,” Feldmann said.

In her time watching Feldmann take on a second genius project, Mrs. Myers believes that it is understandable for Feldmann to take on another project, even as graduation grows nearer.

“[Heather] is… very observant of her peers and of her teachers, and I think that skill that she has causes her to look where there is a need, or look where something can be better,” Myers acknowledged. “I think she’s an observant person and she’s passionate about Sage Creek, and I think she also is aware of what she can accomplish.”

Mary Grace Feldmann is Heather Feldmann’s little sister and currently a sophomore at Sage Creek. Just like Mrs. Myers, Mary Feldmann is not especially surprised by her sister going beyond the expectations set for all of the senior class.

“Heather has a lot of pride in everything she does, so she’s been an influential member on campus, and I think she really wants to leave her mark, ” M. Feldmann said. “I think that her taking the second genius project shows how she wants to…be the best at everything she can be.”

As a particularly proud member of the senior class, and a member of the Bobsquad, Feldmann’s devotion to Sage Creek is hardly questionable. Though she’s up against the clock, part of what drives Feldmann to complete her second project is the legacy of the first graduation class of Sage Creek.

“I think it’s a nice way to leave a lasting legacy, and I think it’d be cool to have it done before the first graduating class is sent off,” Feldmann concluded.