Sage Creek Tennis: The Forgotten Team

Jake McAllister

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Sage Creek Tennis: The Forgotten Team

Sage Creek Tennis is heading into playoffs with a 4-9 overall record and a 2-8 record in Boy’s Avocado West League. But don’t let the record deceive you, the tennis team has battled and played valiantly in all their matches. The team has qualified for CIF Playoffs and looks to upset Grossmont High and hopefully bring back another banner.

After playing top-flight schools like La Costa Canyon and Torrey Pines- both known for their exceptional tennis programs- the Sage Creek tennis team looks to use the experience they gained while playing those schools and translate it onto the court against opponents with not as much talent in CIFs.

The team is anticipating that their victory over Carlsbad High School on April 25, will  propel them far into the CIF Playoffs and pull off an amazing turn around to the season.

Look no further than the 2014 Girls’ Volleyball team that accomplished the same feat. After suffering a dismal season facing schools like Carlsbad and LCC, the Girls’ team picked off less talented teams in CIF to win the Championship 3-0 vs High Tech. The tennis team is looking to follow a similar path.

Kenny Nguyen, a sophomore who is a second line doubles player on the varsity squad has put together some hard fought performances all season long, and his efforts have been essential to the team’s success.

“I think we have played well this year considering the difficult league we’re in,” Nguyen said, when asked about the team’s challenges and obstacles that were presented by the tough league they are in and the competition they’ve faced.

Coach Betsy Jordan has kept the vibes on the court positive, no matter the outcome or the score of the match. She has preached to her players to keep their heads held high at all costs and to not let a bad day effect her players’ practice and mentalities.

“[Coach Jordan] always teaches us what to do against different types of players and [she] always has a positive mindset,” Nguyen said.

After defeating Carlsbad High School on April 25, the Sage Creek Tennis team will look to use that momentum to propel them far into the CIF Playoffs and pull of an amazing turn around to the season.

Sean French, a junior on varsity, whose contributions have also been key during the season, is looking forward to playoffs and how the team’s mindset will play out.

“Our mindset will be to focus on the ball, not the opponent, and play consistently and out rally the opponent,” French said.

The tennis team is taking playoffs serve by serve, rally by rally, and player versus player. No looking ahead and no easing off the pedal during their final stretch of the tennis season.