VAPA Impresses with Night Under the Stars

Sam Bodnar

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Festival of the Arts wall

Last Friday the visual and performing arts program (VAPA) put on an artistically filled evening of entertainment under the stars. Typically, the fundraisers are held in the cafeteria, but the VAPA teachers decided to shake things up.

“This is an end of the year celebration for all of the arts. We’re focusing on… art, music and dance, digital photography, ceramics, and theatre,” Art teacher Mrs. Herrick said.

Students of all angles in Sage Creek’s VAPA program brought appetizers, baked goods, beverages, tshirts, and more in an effort to raise the most amount of money possible for the VAPA departments. With the 2016-2017 school year coming to a close, current and prospective students got the chance to observe all of the hard work put in by Bobcat artists, musicians, and performers.

“This is our biggest chance of the entire year to get the word out about our art program, so for me as a visual art teacher, this is our biggest event. All the parents get to see their kids’ work on display, and the students who aren’t in art get to see what kinds of projects we’re creating,” Herrick said.

During fifth period on Friday, VAPA students spent time wrapping trees in colorful yarn, hanging up artwork, decorating the sidewalks with chalk, and setting the stage for a night of entertainment under the stars.

“I love the chalk and the eyes; everything really came together and it’s just really fun to be apart of,” freshman performer Belle Flanegan said.

Flanegan paired with freshman Audrey Goins in a duet performance of “Let Me be Your Star” from the TV show, “Smash.” Friday marked her first ever VAPA fundraiser performance and she was quite pleased with the opportunity to perform.

“It feels awesome and it’s really fun! There are a lot of people here, [and] it’s so cool to see all of the color everywhere,” she said.

Another musical performance for the audience sitting on their picnic blankets in the grass came from senior Viradis Panter. She performed “Langtree’s Lament” from the TV show “Over the Garden,” while senior Grace McGuire accompanied her with an acoustic guitar. Even though this was her last hurrah, Panter still went into the night with a positive mindset.

“I feel kind of sad, but it’s nice to go on one last night time,” Panter explained.

As everyone on campus realizes at this point, the first graduating class only has a couple of months left, and students from all grade levels are trying to make the best of their time left with them. Especially, sophomore Gabby Tassinari, who feels “sad” about knowing that her performance at the Festival of the Arts was her last with the seniors.

“It’s not fair that they were here last year, and now suddenly they are going to leave. [The school] isn’t used to that prospect,” the sophomore stated.

Even though the band program is losing their seniors, they have gained a new addition in, Mrs. Quinones.

“She listens to us and conducts with us. I definitely think that she’s helped us sound a lot better and more professional,” Tassinari said.

Quinones put together several pieces of upbeat and mellow performances for the audience to enjoy and helped make this fundraiser a night to remember. While Quinones has not been around since the school’s opening, Bobcat veteran, Herrick was able to discuss how tough it will be to say goodbye.

“I’m going to miss these seniors. I still have some of the artwork that they left behind when they were freshmen, and to see how they’ve grown not only as artists, but as people, is really awesome.”