Have Mercy on Gompers Prep Academy

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Have Mercy on Gompers Prep Academy

On April 13, the Sage Creek Varsity Softball team added another win under their belt after defeating Gompers Prep Academy 24-9.

Starting off confident on defense, the Bobcats and their pitcher, junior Sophia Gonzalez-Vasquez, kept the Gompers Prep (GPA) at bay with just two runs.

“They haven’t won any games at all this season,” junior Aurora Cox mentioned. GPA was in the middle of a 13 game losing streak going into the game.

The girls came back out with hot sticks and brought in 10 runs in the first inning. Sophomore Megan Dillon and Gonzalez-Vasquez leadoff the inning with with two walks. Senior Ariana Granda followed that up by ripping a line drive into center field, to bring them both in. Granda’s hit proved to set the precedent for the rest of the inning, as well as the entire game.

Going back out onto the field, the girls allowed 7 runs, which mainly drew from frequent walks. Every time the Bobcats returned to offense, however, they increased their initial eight run lead and made up for their lapse in defense.

The whole team was involved in the effort to win when they had their bats in their hand whether they walked or hit. One after the other, the girls were hitting in the gaps. In the second inning, senior, Madison Surrency and sophomore, Kendal Cliburn, brought in two more runs with hard ground balls in the right and left center ones.

Although the girls mercied Gompers Prep, they ended the game unenthused and disappointed for giving up almost 10 runs.

“We went into the game knowing we would win because of GPA’s history, but we didn’t play to the best of our ability,” senior Amy Benkovich, commented.