Beauty Vloggers: So Funny I Forgot to Laugh

Rachel Murphy

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Paige Zepada

Sage Creek students observe the not-so-funny beauty vloggers on their phones during lunch.

“Hi Guys!” Those two words are what you are most likely to hear when you click on a video by YouTubers such as Krazyrayray, rclbeauty101, and Cloe couture. In the past, they became increasingly popular on the internet for their beauty videos, which were solely just meant to give fellow girls a helping hand. Nowadays, girls who still refer to themselves as “Beauty vloggers” or “gurus” are uploading videos which I would describe as nothing other than cheap, cringeworthy attempts at comedy.

The years 2011-2014 were when beauty videos reached their peak. Girls would post makeup and hair tutorials, along with other videos such as fall favorite brands and nightly beauty routines. Today, these channels are bombarded with skit comedy, and the most famous on these pages: “Expectation and Reality” videos. Here’s the thing: I would not be bothered by these videos, if they were truly funny and not worn out.

Paige Zepada
Sage Creek students observe the not-so-funny beauty vloggers on their phones during lunch.

The videos I grew to love and prefer were solely in relation to beauty, such as videos on what products and looks to try. I would favor the earlier videos of Krazyrayray, and TTLYTEALA, fun videos teaching new makeup looks and actually recommended products to their viewers. However, once beauty vloggers began making comedy videos, they were funny for the time being. However, as time moved forward, these videos lost their humor and became dry.

To start off, the YouTubers decide to explain every attempt at a joke they make. In Krazyrayray’s video titled “Freshman year vs. Senior year,” she makes a comparison between how high school freshman decide to dress for school versus seniors. During the senior bit, her character gets up in the morning, and decides to wear what she slept in. During that time, Sarai (Krazyrayray) decides to monologue about how she shouldn’t care, and questions “Who [is she] trying to impress?” If she had made the joke more subtle, I am very sure that her viewers would have understood the point she was trying to make by just getting up and leaving for “school.”

I also recently watched a skit by Cloe couture which was meant to be a spoof of the bachelorette, called iDateCloeCouture. A big part of this skit was the “actors” goofing off along with a poorly written script, where one guy was attempting to cut a jar of peanut butter in half.

Finally, what personally annoys me the most are the obvious and cringeworthy attempts at advertising. The way these vloggers are advertising, I would much rather they plain out say, “This brand is sponsoring me, buy their stuff!”

In a Krazyrayray video titled “How To Survive The 10 Types of Girls At YOUR School” she is playing out a “nerdy girl” being made fun of by the “mean girls.” One of the mean girls takes out her cell phone to take pictures of the nerdy girl, and no joke, she says, “Why are you taking pictures of me? Is it my super cool Acer Chromebook 13?” as her nerdy character continues to describe all the things her laptop can do, along with the price.

The transition so called “beauty vloggers” have made was not for the better. If they put in just a little bit of more effort, the result would be so much better than what is on their channels as of now.