Sophomores Set for CST Science

MaKenna Manti

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Sophomores Set for CST Science

Most Sophomores aren’t even thinking about graduating yet, but they are checking off some of the requirements on the way. Sophomore students will take the CST (California Standardized Testing) for life sciences tomorrow in order to graduate.

This test is taken to help schools improve the academic achievement of all students. Students also received a practice test to prepare themselves for the upcoming test. Biology teacher Juli Bachman also gave some insight as to a new addition on the exam tomorrow.

“The test this year is the first year they will be on the computers; it is usually a paper and pencil test,” Bachman said.

With that being said, the teachers will be more strict on the “no phone policy” during tomorrow’s one hour test.

While the sophomores are partaking in this exam, the seniors will be giving their Ted Talk speeches in various rooms around campus to their fellow classmates, as well as the junior class.