Thursday Forum for Genius Projects

Sean Cooke

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Thursday Forum for Genius Projects

This Thursday, Sage Creek’s seniors will be able to show off their Genius Projects in the long anticipated Genius Project Forum. In each room, 10 seniors will present their entire journey in front of the junior class in a Ted Talk format during school hours.

The juniors were allowed to select their viewing rooms to ensure that they would be watching Ted Talks that they would be interested in. Each Ted Talk is five to eight minutes and is meant to be a complete representation of said individual’s Genius Project. This event also acts as a window into the world of this daunting, year-long project for Juniors.

“The purpose of the Genius Project forum is for seniors to showcase what they’ve learned from their Genius Project experience,” Genius Project supervisor Corrie Myers described. “[Seniors] share what they accomplished and what they learned along the way. When [Sage Creek’s English department] gives an opportunity like the Genius Project Forum, hopefully it has a different feel to it understanding that this is more than just something [students] do for a grade.”

This event will also act as the platform for deciding who will participate in the grand Genius Project Symposium on May 18. The junior spectators will vote on which two Ted Talks stood out the most in their room; that collection of about fifty Ted Talks will then be narrowed down to eight presenters by a group of Sage Creek staff. These eight presenters will then be offered the opportunity to perform their Ted Talk at the Symposium.