Iron Fist Is Marvel’s First True Misfire

Marvels Iron Fist could possibly be their worst creation yet.

Marvel’s “Iron Fist” could possibly be their worst creation yet.

When it comes to Netflix, Marvel shines bright with their great variety of shows. Marvel’s shows include Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and the upcoming The Defenders. Marvel Studios, as a whole, has been doing a terrific job handling their characters and films they create. However, all companies like Marvel have their weak points that present themselves eventually.

For Warner Bros. Pictures, their weakest point is their DC films. For Sony Pictures, it is their animated film properties and The Smurfs franchise (did anyone even see Smurfs: The Lost Village). In this case, Iron Fist is Marvel’s first clear weak point and worst of the Netflix series. How bad is the show? Is the show worth watching at all? Let’s find out.

The story revolves around Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones), who is presumed dead after a plane crash that happened when he was 10-years-old. He trained and grew up in the city of K’un-Lun and was taught tons of martial arts. Years later, Rand returns to his home in New York City to reconnect with his past and reclaim his family company, which is being run by his father’s former business partner.

While the show has cool action scenes, it has major problems in everything else. The plot of the show is not engaging and has too many similarities to the CW show, Arrow. A problem with having a show similar to another is that the second one loses originality and doesn’t feel different than the other ones out there. If the plot was utilized in a different way and was more interesting, I believe the show would have had a stronger story to tell.

Another major problem with Iron Fist is the actors. Jones (who plays Danny Rand) is arguably the worst aspect of the show. The actor doesn’t fit the role of Iron Fist or the theme revolving around the series. However, Jessica Henwick (who plays Colleen Wing) is actually the best and most interesting character in the show. Her acting is surprisingly good and she is easily the most interesting character in the show. In fact, the show would have been a lot better if they focused on her character and story rather than Rand’s story.

Furthermore, the villains in the show are extremely weak. The villains were very boring and added nothing bigger to the overall plot of the series expect being casual evil villains. They are easily the worst villains of the Netflix Marvel shows and one of the worst in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their backgrounds are very bland and simple, which should not be the case when it comes to presenting antagonists to the series.

Overall, Iron Fist is easily the biggest misfire from Marvel since Thor: The Dark World. The show’s only purpose for being made is to be a set up towards the upcoming team-up show, The Defenders. Pass on this show and go check out Luke Cage or Daredevil instead.