Trump’s First 100 Days


Zach Lynch

Donald Trump’s official presidential portrait, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Jacob Mock, Staff Writer

Donald Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States, but his first months in office have been highly controversial. After eight years of the Obama presidency, conservatives were desperate for any Republican leadership they could get, so President Trump came as a breath of fresh air.

He may be a little extreme, but I think he represents a welcome shakeup in politics. Now, he’s breaking with decades of political tradition by actually keeping his promises, no matter how much they may have upset the Democrats.

Trump has been in office just over 60 days and has caused major uproar in every executive decision he’s made. He’s already signed 38 orders, such as Protecting Law Enforcement, Reorganizing the National and Homeland Security Councils, and the Review of Strategy to Fight ISIS. He hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, no matter how many people try and stop him. He is determined to keep his promise to make America great again.

President Trump has practically been crucified in Hollywood, and it seems as if he is the target of every other joke on TV. Even if it isn’t the celebrities making remarks, it’s the many, many protests going on in the United States. We have liberals, feminists, Black Lives Matter, and the LGBT community taking shots at our president. It wasn’t until just last month that Trump finally had a speech publicly judged “professional,” when he delivered his first address to Congress.

The stock market is booming, Trump has ordered the building of the wall, and a travel ban was proposed to take place on multiple countries but was ultimately turned down. I personally agree with him on these orders. We have enough problems as it is in our own country to be picking up even more extra weight on our shoulders. Instead of housing foreign refugees, we should be housing the thousands of homeless veterans who risked their lives to keep our country safe only to end up on the streets.

And say what you will about its economic efficiency, but the wall is motivated not by some racial prejudice, but a simple desire to protect our country. This may be a nation of immigrants, but our grandparents carried passports, not gang violence.

Not everyone has agreed with these decisions, but in the end, Americans of every party will have to get used to him considering he’ll be here for at least four more years. As it happens, I wasn’t always a fan of Trump for President myself. I was originally going for Marco Rubio, but once Trump was our only option on the Republican ticket, I started truly listening to what he was saying. He was our best option against the Clinton candidacy and has proven himself a great president.