Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Remake is Truly Enchanting

Rachel Murphy

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Already a classic and pleasant film, the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is magical and touching. Disney has outdone itself with the rejuvenation of one of its most famous movies.

In the past, I have found the live-action remakes by Disney (such as Cinderella and The Jungle Book) to fall around seven or eight on a scale from 1-10. However, this film had the audience feeling sentimental and enthralled.

Disney really came through in bringing Beauty and the Beast to life. Belle’s farm and winter dresses were a spitting image of the original animations. Wardrobe really did add emphasis to Luke Evans as he played Gaston.  One costuming choice I found strange was one at the beginning of the movie, where the prince was dressed in a blue, cliche royal outfit, with a ridiculous amount of foundation and blush on his face.

In addition to wardrobe, the set was almost exactly like the original animation setting, as well as the antique characters, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Lumiere.

The casting for the remake of Beauty and the Beast is to be truly appreciated. Each cast member truly captures their character. Emma Watson perfectly portrayed Belle’s longing for adventure and pure heart, Dan Stevens’ performance of the beast’s development from creature to human is sensational, and Evans’ representation of Gaston is astonishing. In addition, I loved how Josh Gad brought LeFou’s humor to life.

On top of the astounding acting, I was extremely impressed with the musical numbers in the cinema (remakes and originals). Originally a number I had distaste for, the performance of “Gaston” was fun and riveting. Gad held LeFou’s enthusiasm and support for Gaston, and the entire tavern made the number gratifying and engaging.

Before seeing this movie, I was honestly not expecting Watson’s singing to be as angelic as it was. Her vocals were clear and as she serenaded, Belle’s emotions could be perceived by the audience. “Belle (Reprise)” was moving, as Watson impeccably added feeling to Belle’s ballad. Watson did not show any signs of breathiness in her singing, which produced a lovely scene.

Some may be familiar with Stevens (the beast) as Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey, but I’ll remember him for singing my favorite song of the film, “Evermore.” The song illustrates the love Beast holds in his heart for Belle after he sets her free. As he watches Belle rush to her father, the beast sings “Now I know she’ll never leave me, even as she fades from view. She will still inspire me, be a part of everything I do.

I was very moved by these lyrics, for they reveal the beast’s love for Belle, giving him the strength to let her leave his manor even though he finally felt love for the first time in his life.  The beast was describing how he will always have room in his heart for Belle, even if she were to leave him for eternity. In addition to the meaningful lyrics, Stevens’ vocals and emotion in his singing really hit the heart strings.

Another musical number I fell in love with in the remake was “Be Our Guest.” Growing up, I would always sing along with this melody, and adored the scene itself. I had no idea how well Ewan Mcgregor could sing, and loved the scene even more than the original. When listening to the song, you can hear the wonderful exaggeration of McGregor’s voice, which really emphasizes the song.

Disney successfully recreated this endearing and charming movie. The scenes were beautiful and nostalgic, and I would definitely recommend seeing this movie as soon as possible. Be their guest, and go enjoy this alluring cinema.