The Wonderful Vigilucci’s Deli

Jake McAllister

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Bottles of Wine, boxes of chocolates, and bags of Italian chips scour the tiny market place, as customers walk in with a smile on their face from ear to ear.

Vigilucci’s Deli, located in downtown Carlsbad is a marvelous find. As a hole in the wall-style restaurant, it can be easily overlooked and possibly underestimated.

Once you walk inside, the aroma is will certainly please you. The whiff of imported meat from Italy and the scent of freshly made bread is unbelievable; the scent alone makes my mouth water. Combine that with a homemade and freshly prepared sandwich being placed in front of you within 15 minutes and you’re on your way. Within five minutes of consuming the heavenly sandwich, you’re stuffed with delectable ingredients that originate from farms over 6,000 miles away.

Restaurateur Roberto Vigilucci is extremely passionate about his food. He gets all his ingredients straight from the farms close to hometown of Milano, Italy. Dinners with his closest friends and family members, gave him the idea to create a gourmet market in Carlsbad. The gourmet deli specializes in domestic salami and cheeses and freshly produced pasta.

The Deli is also filled with Italian meats, chocolates, chips, drinks, and desserts all the way up to the ceiling. I ordered a Cabrio sandwich (a bread crust filled with parmesan, salami, lettuce, and tomato) and after taking my first bite, I was quite impressed with it. The bread was crisp and I could taste Italy with every bite of the pepperoni and salami combination.

Lastly, I finished with a Cannoli, which I enjoyed tremendously and would recommend to anyone who enjoys Italian sandwiches, or has desire for a taste of Italy.

I was very happy with my meal, especially considering that I had not eaten during that entire day. From my delectable Cabrio sandwich to the patient and polite employees waiting for me to shuffle through my wallet for cash, this restaurant is one that I will continue to revisit.